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Fishing Equipment

We stock everything saltwater anglers demand for their time on and off of the water. We have a large selection in the shop, but unfortunately we don't have it all listed online so please call and ask for a specific product you are looking for. We might have it in stock and if not we might be able to get it for you in a timely manner. We have a variety of Surfcasting Gear from top brands! Also listed you'll find many different fishing tools like pliers, crimpers and cutters. Browse our large selection of knives from Dexter Russell. For those anglers who love to fish live bait we stock a selection of live bait equipment like wells, pumps, air stones and air tubing. For hobby lure makers we have a nice selection of sinker molds and accessories. We can also special order much more.  We also have hard to find Igloo Cooler Parts!




Downriggers Fishing System by Troll-Master

Downrigger Base Mounts & Hardware

  - Adjustable Swivel Bases

  - Fixed Base Plate

Downrigger Boom Extension

Downrigger Cable

Downrigger Release Clips

Downrigger Weights


Z-Wing Downrigger Weight





Costa Del Mar Sunglasses






Fishing Equipment:


Chum Pots & Chum Bags


Crab Traps



  Fishing Cart

Beach/Pier Fishing Cart


  Fighting Belts

Aftco Fighting Belts

Braid Belts & Harnesses

Bombay Belts

Rod Huki - Belt Alternative




Bubba Blade Knives


Dexter-Russell Knives


American Angler Knives

Bait Knives

Clam & Oyster Knives

Rapala Knives & Fillet Glove

Knife Sharpeners



Igloo Cooler Parts

Igloo Cooler Trays by Calcutta


Fishing Accessories:


Bucket Grip - Bucket Ring Holder


  Insect Repellent

Green Head Repellent

  Insulated Fish Bags


Strike Zone


  Line Changers

Berkley Portable Line Winder
Reel E Good Line Winder


  Lure Bags

Shimano Lure Bags

Other Lure Bags

Surf Bags and Lure Bags

MAK Angler Surf Bag



Penn Reel Lubricants

Reel Lubricants





  Reel Clamps, Drag Kits

Shimano Reel Accessories

 - Reel clamps and handles)
Penn Reel Accessories

 - Drag Kits

Reel Parts and Drag Kits


  Rod Wraps

Open Water Rod Wraps


Rod Repair - Rod Building
Aftco Guides
Fuji Guides
Perfection guides
Reel Seats


Scales, Nets & Landing Equipment

Boga Grip

The Fish Grip Lipper

Rapala Lock N Weigh

Cast Nets Betts Brand



Seine Nets



Surf Fishing Accessories:

Thule & SportRack Roof Racks

Bait Thread (Elastic) by Ghost Cocoon


Fishing Carts for the beach or pier

   KB White Tide Hauler Foldable Beach Cart


Korkers Cleated Sandals - Jetty Cleats
LED Rod Tip Lights - Mk4

Sea Striker Sand Spikes

Wader Repair Kits


  Jersey Surf Products

Aluminum Sand Spikes by Jersey Surf Products

Rod Racks for Vehicles by Jersey Surf Products


 Plug/ Lure Surf Bags

MAK Angler Surfcasting Bags

  MAK 4-Tube Lure Bag

  MAK 3-Tube Lure Bag

  MAK 2-Tube Lure Bag

  MAK 1-Tube Lure Bag

  MAK Bucktail Pouch

  MAK Pork Rind Holder

  MAK Belt Utility Pouch

  MAK Surf Belt

  MAK Pliers Sheath


ODM Surf Wave Lure Bags


Surf Bags and Lure Bags


  Tire Deflators

Tire Buddy III - Tire Deflator

Trailhead Tire Deflators





Bushnell HD Torch Flashlight


  Underwater Kinetics

UK LED Headlamp & Light




Hooks Listed on Terminal Tackle Page



Jig & Sinker Molds:

Brass Wire eyes

Do-It Molds

Jig Head Molds

Jig Head Paints

Melting Equipment

Sinker Molds


Fishing Tools:


Accurate Fishing Pliers

Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Berkley Tools



Donnmar Checkpoint Pliers

 - Donnmar Pliers Sheath & Lanyard

Donnmar Hook Sharpeners

Braid Products Fishing Tools
  -  Cutters, Split Ring Pliers, Crimpers

Jinkai Crimpers & Cutters
Manley Pliers

Miscellaneous Pliers and Tools

Momoi Crimpers and Cutters

Van Staal Pliers & Accessories


  Sea Striker

Sea Striker Tools

- Sea Striker Swager / Crimper

- Sea Striker Cable Cutter

- Sea Striker Sport Pliers

- Sea Striker Krock Pliers


  Split Ring Pliers

Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers

Braid Split Ring Pliers

  Shimano Tools

Shimano Pliers, Cutters & Crimpers

  Van Staal

Van Staal Pliers


X Tools Floating Pliers


Live Wells & Air Pumps:


Air Diffusers

Baitwell Accessories

Gast Air Pumps

Keep Alive Systems

Live Wells & Baitwells

Marine Metal Aerator Products

Surelife Chemical Products

Vinyl Air Tubing









Popular Items

Dexter-Russell Knives



The Fish Grip



The Fish Grip Lipper



Korkers Cleats


Korkers Sandals



Great Outrodder




Hot Seller


Tire Buddy III



UK LED Headlamp
 The best fishing headlamp!

UK LED Headlamp



Hard To Find Item


Ghost Cocoon Bait Thread



Mk4 LED Tip Light
 The best rod tip light! Great for fishing at night and early mornings when it's hard to see your rod tip.

Mk4 Tip Light - $6.99





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