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Shimano Waxwing Lure - Innovative subsurface lure, a very unique design with an enticing erratic action.


Super Strike Lures - Epic Surf Casting Lures: Bullet, Little Neck Popper & Swimmer, Super "N" Fish, Zig-Zag Darter


NorthBar Bottledarter - Fish catching mo-fo-s! They are in stock but going fast.


Tactical Angler Fishing Clips - Super Strong and Easy to use


Blue Water Candy - Quality made in the USA saltwater fishing lures.


Point Jude Lures - Catching fish since the late 40's! Classic metal fishing lures that fish just can't resist. Great for targeting Striped bass, bluefish, and fluke among other species.


Guides Choice Plugs - Quality plugs built with VMC hooks and rigged with Wolverine Split Rings.


Wolverine Split Rings are the world's strongest slit ring, hands down. They are triple wrapped not double like the rest. #5 ring has a rating of 135lb and the #6 ring has a test of 200lb.  Get ready for the up coming season now.  Switch out the old rusted split rings in you lures. These rings are great for all plugs and jigs.


BioEdge Potions & Wands

BioEdge Potions and Wands have been proven very successfully both in saltwater and freshwater. These products are unique in being all natural and made from a variety of popular baits, containing oils, pheromones, amino acids and a number of feeding stimulants. BioEdge Potions are a concentrated oil, sold in 2oz squirt bottles, The BioEdge Wand is the same concentrated oil with a solidifying agent added so it can be applied like a glue stick even onto non-absorbent surfaces. This novel, non-messy application has been very popular.

BioEdge Potions and BioEdge Wands are now in stock in a wide range of new scents including BUNKER, BLOODWORM, CRAB, and SHRIMP among others. BioEdge products help to attract fish, mask unwanted scents like gas and sun screen, stimulate fish to strike and provoke the fish to hold on to your lure.


Tony Maja Bunker Spoons - 4 SizesTony Maja Custom Bunker Spoon Logo

Tony Maja Bunker Spoons

  These spoons are ready to use right out of the package. The spoons are made of extra heavy gauge stainless steel which makes them work at a greater depth with less wire or line and with only one keel. The action of Tony's spoons have been designed to swim subtler than other spoons and the 9/0 stainless bucktail hook gives them a more life-like swimming action which increases the hook up ratio with virtually no foul hook-ups.


Tony Maja's EZ-Outrodder LogoEZ-Outrodders from Tony Maja

E-Z Outrodders by Tony Maja

Outrodders allow an angler to cover more water, avoid tangles and create a wider spread for drift or trolled baits. EZ Outrodders are unlike any other outrodder available.  There revolutionary design is heavy duty and user friendly; hinging rod holder and gimble lock system. EZ Outrodders are a must have accessory when trolling inshore and offshore.


Shimano's New BTR's

Shimano BTR D Series Reel

Released over the 2009 Summer at ICAST in Orlando, Florida Shimano has redesigned its classic BaitRunner Spinning Reel.     These reels now feature the lastest in spinning reel technology with a

modern and compact design. The BTR D series offers reels in four sizes, the BTR4000D, 6000D, 8000D and 12000D.

  The ‘go to’ spinning reel for live bait fishing situations for over 20 years, the Shimano’s BaitRunner spinning reels feature a secondary drag system to allow baits to swim free with the bail closed.


Shimano has made tremendous advances in spinning reel technology over those years – Propulsion Line Management System, Fluidrive II gearing, Super Stopper anti-reverse to name a few. These new BaitRunners D reels have all of these features and more.  The new BaitRunner D reels have increased the adjustability of the BaitRunner secondary drag system.

Proven on other Shimano spinning reels, each BaitRunner D reel features Varispeed oscillation for better line lay, SR one-piece bail wire, a cold-forged aluminum spool, a graphite frames and sideplate, Dartanium II drag washers and three shielded A-RB (anti-rust) ball bearings. Shimano went further with our S Concept design features, including S-Rotor, S-Arm Cam, a direct-drive mechanism with thread-in handle attachment, oversized Septon handle grips and a waterproof drag.

All four BaitRunner D reels have 4.8:1 gear ratios. Line capacities range from 240 yards of 8-pound test mono - or 270 yards of 15-pound PowerPro braid - on the BTR4000D; 265 yards of 12-pound test mono - or 210 yards of 50-pound PowerPro - on the BTR 6000D; 250 yards of 17-pound mono – 290 yards of 50-pound PowerPro – on the BTR8000D; while the BTR12000D will handle 350 yards of 16-pound mono – or 310 yards of 65-pound PowerPro.

Click Here to Look at the new Baitrunner D Series from Shimano!



Penn Rods and Reels at Fisherman's Headquarters

All Penn Rods and reels at Fisherman's Headquarters


Penn Conflict & Battle II !



Sebile Lures

  They have won awards at the all of the trade shows and won tournaments for some of the biggest names in the industry.  All of Sebile's lures have a unique and revolutionary swimming action and design.

  The Sebile Magic Swimmer (image below) is the most alive looking lure on the market!  Check out the variety of sizes and colors as well as other models like the Stick Shadd, Bonga Jerk & Flat Shad.

~ A variety of models In Stock - Call to Order ~










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