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Terminal Tackle - Hooks, Swivels, Snaps, Crimps & More

Need some things to rig up to go fishing? We are here for you.  We have your saltwater fishing hardware aka terminal tackle. Terminal Tackle for Saltwater Fishing - Hooks: Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad. Swivels and Clips: Spro, Sampo, Rosco, Sea Striker. Split rings, chafe gear and beads. We have what one needs for bait rigging; waxed floss, needles, and soft wire wire.

Breakaway Tackle

  - Cannon - Fast Links - Red Eye - Surf Weights


Gemini "Splash Down" Bait Clips



LED Rod Tip Lights - Mk4



 Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw Hooks



Gamakatsu Circle

Gamakatsu J Hooks



Owner Circle Hooks

Owner J Hooks

Owner Treble Hooks

Owner Rings & Hooks for Shimano Butterfly Jigs 



Mustad O'Shaughnessy

Mustad Virginia hooks

Mustad Sea Demon Hooks


Rigging Hardware

  Aluminum Crimps / Sleeves





Chafe Gear


Beads (glass, glow, tri beads)


Rigging Floss

Rigging Needles

Rigging Wire


ProFish ProMagnum Components


Tournament Cable Rigging Products




Swivels, Snaps & Clips

Rite Angler Snaps , etc


Dolphin Swivels

  Crossline & 3-Way Swivels



 Rosco & Sampo
Rosco & Sampo Snaps-Swivels

   Swivels & Snaps

Rosco Swivels & Snaps

   Barrel Swivels, Doulock & Coastlock Snaps

Sampo Swivels & Snaps

  Heavy Duty Ball Bearing & Snap Swivels



Spro Swivels

  Power, Heavy, Ball Bearing & 3-Way Swivels


 Sea Striker

SeaStriker Swivels

Fish Finder Hardware

 Tactical Angler
Tactical Angler Clips


Momoi Escape Proof Swivels




Bucktail Teasers


Dredge Weights


Floats, Bobbers, etc


Hopkins Split rings




Pre Tied Rigs

Shark Rigs


Fin Strike & Tide Rite Rigs - Call

 - Hi-Lo Rigs, Pompano, Chunk Rigs,

Fishfinder, Fluke Rigs, Sea Bass,

Tog, Mullet Rigs, Doodle Bug, etc

Mk4 LED Tip Light
 The best rod tip light! Great for fishing at night and early mornings when it's hard to see your rod tip.

Mk4 Tip Light - $7.99


Old Red Eye
..a must for the night surf fisherman ..featured in our Breakaway terminal tackle section

Spro Heavy swivels
Heavy swivels - Once only available for commercial use, these tiny, heavy-duty swivels provide tremendous strength and durability that can only be found from SPRO. There isn't another swivel out there that can match the size and strength of a SPRO Heavy Swivel. Whether you're after big catfish, mako sharks, or a monster tuna, SPRO Heavy Swivels are up to the challenge






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