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Avet Reel - The Ultimate Fishing Reel


Avet Fishing Reels:

Avet Reels are amazing saltwater fishing lever drag reels that are proudly 100% designed, machined and assembled in USA! Avet Fishing Reels are super powerful yet lightweight and compact. Avet Reels have smooth carbon drag and precision stainless ball bearings offering superior free spool and castability. Avet Reels have the brakes (drag) to turn big fish and Avet Reels have the gearing to let anglers enjoy cranking in trophies. Avet Reels - The Ultimate Fishing Reel


We have Avet Reels Reels listed (classified by size) below starting with the smallest (SX, SXJ) and ending at the bottom of the page with the largest (EX). Avet Reels are available in so many models and so many variations; sizes, colors, features. It is impossible to stock them all; however, we can special order you any size, any color, with any features that you want. Take a look at Avet Retail Pricing PDF Catalog to see every size, color and option that Avet offers. To order call, email or order online by using the "Get Quote" Link at the top of the page, entering the information found in the Avet Pricing PDF Catalog.   Read More About Avet Reels models and features like Single Speed, Two Speed, Magic Cast, Raptor, etc.

Avet SX Silver

Avet SX Reels

  Avet's SX and Avet SXJ reels are Avet's smallest and most compact reel. The Avet SX offer a unique weight to power ratio that blows competition out of the water. It's often imitated but never duplicated.

  Avet SX Reel Diameter: 2-3/8"

Avet MXL 2-Speed Silver Avet MX Reels


  Avet's MX Reels are for anglers that want a small compact lever drag but require a little bit more line capacity and drag than the SX. It is light and compact making it a very versatile reel for large game fish species with a light weight tackle approach. Small and Strong, the Avet MX is great for striper fishing and wreck fishing in the northeast.

  Avet MX Reel Diameter: 2-3/4"

Avet JX Gold AVET JX & LX


  Avet's LX and JX are for anglers demanding more line capacity and more drag than the MX. Perfect for anglers in search of a medium sized lever drag reel but want capacity and fish fighting drag. About the size (diameter) of a traditional 3/0 reel.

  Avet JX & LX Reel Diameter: 3"



Avet HX Silverw/ Harness Lugs Out Avet HX


The Avet HX Series offers anglers three reel; Avet HX (Standard), HXJ (Narrow) and HXW (Wide). The Avet HX reels are big game fishing reels with topless versatility and large fish fighting capabilities yet easily fishable and not cumbersome like other reels in its class. The HX Series of reels is Avet's smallest reel with Harness Lugs (removable) you you can clip in with a fighting harness.

  Avet HX Reel Diameter: 3-3/8"


AVET Pro EXW 50/2 Two Speed Avet EX


The Avet EX Series is Avet's offshore big game fishing reel series. It is the go to choice for big game anglers trolling and chunking pelagics. Whether battle toe to toe with trophy size tuna or trolling up tournament winning marlin, Avet EX Reels offer serious off-shore sport fishing anglers dependable durability, proven performance and power. When Avet EX reels are "on the edge" monster game fish fear for their lives!


Avet Fishing Reels


Avet Reels come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is great to have all of the options but sometime overwhelming to unfamiliar angler. If you have any questions call us and we can help. Here is a little Avet Reels Cheat Sheet:  ▪ The prefix tells the reel's diameter and series (smallest to largest) SX, MX, JX/LX, HX, EX. Some prefixes contain a J=JIG denoting narrow spool width, L=LARGE denoting standard spool width, W=Wide denoting wide spool width.  ▪ The prefix is followed by the gear ration, for example 5.3 or 6/4. The 5.3 = 5.3:1 indicates the reel has a gear ration of 5.3 spool revolutions to one full handle revolution. The 6/4 indicates the reel is a two speed model with a high gear of 6:1 and a low gear of 4:1. Note: The Avet EX Series uses an industry standard nomenclature; 30, 30W, 50, 50W.  ▪ After the gear ratio numbers you might find additional letters indicating an additional feature. For example, MC=Magic Cast for Magnetic Anti-Backlash Control Feature. Another example, Raptor=Indicates dual drag model with double the drag plus additional features like the an incremented quadrant ringed lever drag that stops at strike.


Avet Fishing Reels




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