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Bucket Grip LogoBucket Grip

The Bucket Grip is a simple attachment that fits on the bottom of a standard five-gallon bucket which prevents the bucket from tipping, slipping or dripping. The Bucket Grip boasts excellent UV resistance for long life in the sun. Because it is made of rubber it will not mark or scratch any surfaces.


Bait buckets and cleaning supplies generally will roll in a boat with the smallest wave movement causing a spillage of some kind. No more!!! The Bucket Grip keeps your buckets in place regardless of what Mother Nature has in mind. Not only that, but the Bucket Grip also floats. With waves and a rocking boat up to 30 degrees, the Bucket Grip will hold steady.


The Bucket Grip is a great product for any and all fisherman as well as painters. Buy a Bucket Grip today!

Stand Out Features:

Keeps your bucket upright! Won't tip or slip. or drip

Paint Spill Gutter so no drip

It Floats
Flexible & Stackable
Fits most 5-gallon Buckets (10 to 10 inch base)
Non-Marking, it will not scratch fiberglass, teak, or gel coat
Durable & U.V. Resistant, it will last a long time even in the sun and will not crack

Available in Gel-Coat White and Marine Blue


**Note: Bucket is not included


Bucket Grip Banner


Bucket Grip - Bucket Holder
89772100270 Bucket Grip BG-WH 5 Gallon Bucket Holder - White 9.99

89772100271 Bucket Grip BG-BU 5 Gallon Bucket Holder - Blue 9.99






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