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Fish Grip Lipper by UP Molders

The Fish Grip by United Plastic Molders is a fish lipping device that no angler should be without!  With the fish Grip there's no need to lip a fish with your bare hand and risk getting hooked. It's great for all anglers, especially those who practice catch and release. With the Fish Grip surfcaster, kayak fisherman and boat anglers can land many different species of fish with ease. The Fish Grip is easy to use, lightweight, it floats and best of all it is affordable. Why spend ten times more to purchase a lip gripper that is heavy and sinks like a stone? There's no need to spend $100+ on a fish lipping device.


The Fish Grip by United Plastic Molders is a very simple yet durable fish handling "lipper" that is MADE IN THE USA. The Fish Grip is made with a strong plastic and assembled with stainless steel pins so it is corrosion proof. They last years even with hard use in saltwater. The Fish Grip has an over center locking grip to lock and flip open. The unique jaw design holds the lip of the fish helping land fish and release. There is a convenient scale hole, attach it to any scale. Just deduct 5oz. It floats and there is a wrist lanyard to keep it by your side.

The Fish Grip comes in two sizes: Original Fish Grip and the Fish Grip Jr for smaller species or for big fish that have small mouths  The Fish Grip comes in two sized; the Original is 10" and the Junior is 7" in length. The Fish Grip in available in two colors; High Visibility Orange and Glow in the Dark White.


The Fish Grip OrangeThe Fish Grip Glow


The Fish Grip by United Plastic Molders
85937000050 UP FISH GRIP ORIGINAL - GLOW 14.99

85937000001 UP FISH GRIP ORIGINAL - ORANGE 14.99

85937000073 UP FISH GRIP JUNIOR - GLOW 11.99

85937000079 UP FISH GRIP JUNIOR - ORANGE 11.99



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