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Fishing Gloves

Keep your hands warm, dry and protected from the elements with quality waterproof gloves. We stock a variety of fishing gloves that are great for recreation and commercial fishing. Some of these gloves are very popular with road and construction workers, plumbers and any profession who needs to keep their hands protected. Are you looking for great quality commercial fishing gloves? Please browse our Fishing Glove selection from the best makers: Ansell, Atlas and Showa Best.


Ansell 27-602 Hycron Gloves


Ansell 27-602 Hycron Glove

The Hycron 27-602 Glove from Ansell is an extra tough, heavy duty nitrile coated, abrasion resistant glove. They provide high resistance to snags, cuts, punctures and abrasions making them a very popular glove among commercial scallopers who pick the pile and cut all day. The Hycron gloves are also oil and grease resistant. The short knit wrist allows easy hand movement making them working friendly glove. Their soft jersey lining eliminates hand irritation and premature wear through. Their smooth finish offers excellent grip makes handling easier and safer. Blue color.

Applications: Commercial Fishing, Production handling of fabricated building materials such as concrete, block, brick, tile, lumber, drywall and plywood, metal fabrication, heavy duty handling of castings, cores.


The Ansell 27-602 Hycron Gloves are available in size 9 and 10 by the pair and by the dozen.

Ansell 27-602 Hycron Gloves
80044480308 Ansell 27-602-09 Hycron Size 9 - One Pair 6.29

80044480309 Ansell 27-602-10 Hycron Size 10 - One Pair 6.29

80044480311 Ansell 27-602-09-D Hycron Size 9 - Dozen Pairs 62.00

80044480310 Ansell 27-602-10-D Hycron Size 10 - Dozen Pairs 62.00

Atlas Fit 300 Gloves


Atlas 300 Fit Glove

The Atlas Fit 300 Glove is a light gray cotton-polyester glove with the palm dipped in blue colored natural latex rubber which provides a durable protection without sacrificing long-wearing comfort. The cotton/polyester lining provides extremely comfortable fit. The rough textured lightweight Blue Latex Rubber coating provides outstanding grip. An elastic knit-wrist secures the glove above the wrist for comfort and prevents debris from entering the glove. When your job demands abrasion resistance and gripping power while maintaining maximum dexterity choose ATLAS Fit 300. Knuckles are not coated to provide more dexterity and coolness. Launder at 40C (104F) using a neutral detergent.

Caution: Product containing natural rubber may cause allergic reaction in some individuals.

Blue colored Latex palm coating
Seamless liner
Strong tear, abrasion and puncture resistance
Rough, textured grip


Atlas Fit 300 Gloves
80044480312 Atlas Fit 300M Size MD - One Pair 3.99

80044480303 Atlas Fit 300L Size LG - One Pair 3.99

80044480304 Atlas Fit 300XL Size XL - One Pair 3.99

00009030003 Atlas Fit 300M-D Size MD - Dozen Pairs 39.99

00009030004 Atlas Fit 300L-D Size LG - Dozen Pairs 39.99

00009030005 Atlas Fit 300XL-D Size XL - Dozen Pairs 39.99

Atlas 460 Vinylove Insulated Glove


Atlas 460 Vinylove Insulated Glove

The 460 Vinylove from Atlas is a 12" insulated glove that is great for cold jobs. These durable double-dipped medium-weight PVC gloves are strong and durable, yet extremely soft and flexible even at cold temperatures. They feature a soft warm comfortable 100% seamless Acrylic BOA lining to keep hands warm and dry. The patented coating process yields a glove that maintains its suppleness even down to -20C (-40F). Atlas 460 insulated gloves are ideal for use in cold weather fishing, freezer plants, cold storage, farming, and other cold weather outdoor jobs like plumbing. The unique Atlas glove PVC formulation makes it easy to perform difficult tasks in the harshest conditions. The PVC shell resists oils, chemicals and abrasion yet remains flexible in cold temperatures. Its rough grip allows for handling slippery objects in any condition.


12" Orange Double-Dipped PVC Insulated Glove
Seamless Acrylic BOA Lining for Warmth
Strong, yet very Soft and Flexible
Rough, textured grip

Atlas 460 Vinylove Orange Insulated
80044480306 Atlas 460L Size LG - One Pair 17.99

80044480307 Atlas 460XL Size XL - One Pair 17.99

Atlas 620 Vinylove Glove


Atlas 620 Vinylove Glove

The Atlas 620 Vinylove is the classic 12" Orange glove seen everywhere. It's the fisherman's glove! These 12" long durable double-dipped medium-weight PVC gloves are strong, yet extremely soft and flexible. They feature a soft comfortable seamless cotton knitted lining. The rough textured coating offer outstanding grip and increases the gloves abrasion resistance and durability. These gloves are also liquid-proof and chemical resistant.


12" Orange Double-Dipped PVC Glove
Seamless Knitted Cotten Liner
Strong, yet very Soft and Flexible
Rough, textured grip

Atlas 620 Vinylove Orange
09227151030 Atlas 620L Size LG - One Pair 3.99

09227151031 Atlas 620XL Size XL - One Pair 3.99

09227151032 Atlas 620XX Size 2X - One Pair 3.99

00009062004 Atlas 620L-D Size LG - Dozen Pairs 39.99

00009062005 Atlas 620XL-D Size XL - Dozen Pairs 39.99

00009062006 Atlas 620XX-D Size 2X - Dozen Pairs 39.99

Atlas 660 Vinylove Glove


Atlas 660 Vinylove Glove

The Atlas 660 Vinylove from Atlas is one of the most durable liquid proof and chemical resistant gloves available. These durable 12" Blue Triple-Dipped Heavyweight PVC gloves are strong, yet soft and flexible. They feature a soft comfortable cotton lining. The rough textured coating ensures grip and increases the gloves abrasion resistance and durability. These fully washable gloves come prepared for nearly any general-purpose industrial setting or application. Vinylove premium vinyl coated gloves are as versatile as they are durable and protective. Launder at 40C (100F) using a neutral detergent.

12" Blue Triple-Dipped PVC Glove

Seamless Knitted Cotten Liner
Extra Strong, yet Soft and Flexible
Rough, textured grip


Atlas 660 Vinylove Blue
80044480300 Atlas 660L Size LG - One Pair 4.49

80044480301 Atlas 660XL Size XL - One Pair 4.49

00009066004 Atlas 660L-D Size LG - Dozen Pairs 44.99

00009066005 Atlas 660XL-D Size XL - Dozen Pairs 44.99

Best 65NFW Nitty Gritty Glove


Best 65NFW Nitty Gritty Glove

Often imitated but never equaled! The Original Nitty Gritty was the industry's first wrinkle-finished, Natural Rubber-coated glove. It remains the most cut resistant, comfortable, premium-value glove of its class. The Original Nitty Gritty is launderable and features a soft, cotton flannel liner which provides greater comfort and flexibility than inferior, jersey-lined lookalikes. Its multi-dipped, premium Natural Rubber coating gives you superior cut, abrasion, snag and puncture resistance and extended wear. The outstanding wet and dry grip provided by our exclusive, induced self wrinkle finish enhances grip, safety and ease of handling. Chemical-resistant gauntlet styles perform well in a broad range of ketones, dilute acids, alkalis and alcohols. Sanitized.

Caution: Product containing natural rubber latex may cause allergic reaction in some individuals.

12" Multi-Dipped Heavy-duty Latex Glove
Wrinkled Robber Finish Offers Excellent Grip in Any Condition
Cotton Flannel Liner

Resists snags and abrasions

Best 65NFW Nitty Gritty
80044480302 Best 65NFW-10 Nitty Gritty - One Pair 9.99

Best 75 Super Flex Insulated Glove


Best 75 Super Flex Insulated Glove

A tough PVC-coating resists chemicals and abrasion (outwearing leather), and its triple-layer construction of foam insulation sandwiched between a layer of 100%-cotton jersey and 100%-cotton interlock provides protection from cold while locking in warmth. Our low-temperature compound remains, flexible, even in sub-zero temperatures. Insulated Super Flex's wrinkle-finish provides additional resistance to abrasion and chemicals as well as an excellent grip, wet or dry.

12" Orange PVC Insulated Glove
Triple Layer Construction Cotten/Foam for Warmth
Strong Abrasion, Cut and Puncture Resistance
Wrinkle finish for strong grip, wet or dry

Best 75 Super Flex
80044480305 Best 75-10 Super Flex - One Pair 15.99

Best 7000 Nitri-Pro Glove


Best 7000 Nitri-Pro Glove

Over the past couple of years we have seen demand for these sought after glove sky rocket. They are favored by experience scallopers because they are extra tough, yet very flexible and comfortable. For handling rough, abrasive materials, Nitri-Pro features Best's exclusive Nitrile (NBR) coating that provides superior cut, puncture, snag and abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to oil and grease. Sanitized

Fully Coated Nitrile Knit Wrist Glove

Cotton Jersey Liner
Dark Navy Color Wit Red Wrist

Smooth Finish Grip

Great for shucking clams, scallops and oysters!

Best 7000 Nitri-Pro
03805409491 Best 7000-10 Nitri-Pro Size 10 - One Pair 4.99

03805409490 Best 7000-10-D Nitri-Pro Size 10 - Dozen Pairs 50.99





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