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AFW Tooth Proof  Stainless Steel Single Strand Leader Wire

AFW Tooth Proof

 American Fishing Wire, AFW, Tooth Proof leader wire lives up to its name and provides maximum protection against the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, King Mackerel, Wahoo and other toothy fish like Sharks.  Made from specially controlled Type 304 stainless steel alloy to be hard, but not brittle, and to deliver the perfect combination of flexibility and strength.  Tooth Proof possesses incomparable abrasion resistance and tames the toughest toothy fish.  AFW's unique pre-straightening process eliminates cast, providing a straighter leader wire with improved kink resistance.  Special Camouflaged Brown finish vanishes in deep water.  Tournament tested tough, this proven leader wire continues to put anglers on the winner board!




03592601981 AFW-S06C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 58#-30'-CAMO BROWN 2.19

03592602001 AFW-S07C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 69#-30'-CAMO BROWN 2.69

03592602021 AFW-S08C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 86#-30'-CAMO BROWN 2.99

03592602037 AFW-S08C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 86#-232'-CAMO BROWN 13.99

03592602041 AFW-S09C/105-SS SINGLE STRAND - 105#-30'-CAMO BROWN 2.99

03592602057 AFW-S09C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 105#-192'-CAMO BROWN 13.69

03592602061 AFW-S10C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 124#-30'-CAMO BROWN 2.99

03592602077 AFW-S10C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 124#-162'-CAMO BROWN 12.69

03592602081 AFW-S11C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 140#-30'-CAMO BROWN 3.19

03592602097 AFW-S11C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 140#-137'-CAMO BROWN 12.49

03592602101 AFW-S12C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 174#-30'-CAMO BROWN 3.49

03592602117 AFW-S12C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 174#-111'-CAMO BROWN 12.19

03592602121 AFW-S13C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 195#-30'-CAMO BROWN 3.99

03592602137 AFW-S13C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 195#-97'-CAMO BROWN 11.69

03592602141 AFW-S14C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 218#-30'-CAMO BROWN 4.49

03592602157 AFW-S14C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 218#-86'-CAMO BROWN 11.69

03592602161 AFW-S15C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 240#-30'-CAMO BROWN 5.99

03592602177 AFW-S15C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 240#-76'-CAMO BROWN 11.69

03592602181 AFW-S18C/0-SS SINGLE STRAND - 325#-30'-CAMO BROWN 5.99

03592602197 AFW-S18C/25-SS SINGLE STRAND - 325#-56'-CAMO BROWN 11.19



AFW 49-Stand Cable




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