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Green Machine Lures

 The famous Green Machine, a high-speed trolling lure, has probably accounted for more tuna than any other lure. The Green Machine is what made SevenStrand (7Strand) world renowned! The Green Machine family of lures are famous high-speed trolling lures that have now been used for generations so effectively they make other lures, well, green with envy! Often copied by other manufacturers but this is the factory original.


So effective, so simple, anyone can use it! The incredible Green Machine series of lures have probably accounted for more tuna than any other lure. Run the SevenStrand Mini Green Machine behind a bird teaser to increase effectiveness. Also rig up an daisy chain of green machine lures. Better yet rig up a spreader bar with all green machines, fish simply can't resist. Let the SevenStrand Mini Green Machine be your "go to lure" for offshore fishing and it will not disappoint.

9" Mini - Shallow running miniature version of the Classic Green Machine lure.
12" Original - Shallow running high speed trolling lure that will run in all sea conditions. It is a classic tuna killer and also any other hungry gamefish. Sorry, Sold out and No Longer Available
12" Deep - Heavy Weighed Lure that runs deep is effective at just about any speed. Sorry, Sold out and No Longer Available



7Strand - 9" Mini Green Machine
02995953040 7 Strand Green Machine MG1100MB-13 9" 1oz MINI Mono Rigged 1/pk 19.99




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