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Red Gill Fishing Lures Logo

Red Gill Fishing Lures

  Red Gill fishing lures are often imitated; however, never duplicated! Since the 50's, Red Gill fishing lures are simply the best! There is no true substitute for the life-like swimming action and the rugged design of a Red Gill Lure.


  Red Gill Fishing Lures offer durable fishing lures that resemble slender baitfish like eels, smelts, sardines, spearing, rainfish, and especially sand eels. Cast 'em, Jig 'em or Troll 'em! If they are not already, they will be your secret weapon.



Red Gill Original Lures

Red Gill Originals

The Original from Red Gill is the ultimate sand eel imitation! It is available in three sizes; Red Gill Rascal (4.5" - 115mm), Red Gill Raver (7" - 178mm) and Red Gill Thresher (8.25" - 210mm).


Red Gill Pilchard Lures

Red Gill Pilchard

Looking for a baby shad, bunker or mullet imitation. The Red Gill Pilchard is for you.


Red Gill Evo Fishing Lures

Red Gill Evolution

The next generation of the classic, Original Red Gill sand eel imitation bait. The Red Gill Evo is a Classic Red Gill body molded around a weighted jig hook.


Red Gill Mega Vibe Swimbait Lures

Red Gill Mega Vibe

The Red Gill Mega Vibe lures are swimbait lures that are molded with the hook and weight so they guarantee anglers perfect action. The Mega Vibe puts out vibrations from its unique design which attract large predatory fish.


Red Gill Squid Jig

Red Gill Squid Jigs

The Gill Squid Jig is a weighed luminous jig that has double umbrella hooks for catching squid.



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Fishing and Rigging Red Gill Lures:

  Red Gill Fishing Lures can be fished productively many different ways. Red Gill Lures are great as a main lure or a teaser. There are many ways to rig a Red Gill so try different methods and find your own favorite Red Gill rigging methods. Rig an Original Red Gill with an internal O'Shaughnessy Hook or attach it to your favorite jig or lead head. See below for more specifics on rigging and fishing Red Gill Originals.


- Rig a Red Gill "Carolina style" (Snell an O'Shaughnessy Hook with a 12 to 48" length of monofilament or fluorocarbon leader, then tie a barrel swivel to other end, finally add an egg weight (1/16oz and up depending on conditions and depth) above the swivel and on the main line) just like fishing a live eel. This allows the Red Gill lure to suspend, swim in the current and dart upon retrieve.


- Rig a Red Gill onto a jig head or onto the back of a diamond jig. Use a small drop of super glue to secure the Red Gill into position on the hook.


- Rig a Red Gill onto a dropper loop to use as a teaser above a bucktail, ball jig or any other bottom jig/rig. Local surf anglers love to use Red Gill Rascals as a teaser rig ahead of their plugs (swimmers and poppers) and casting metals like Hopkins and Kastmasters.


- Trolling Red Gill Lures is also very effective. Rig a dozen or so Red Gills onto an spreader bar or umbrella rig for tuna and striped bass trolling.




Don't be Fooled by Imitations!

Only the Original Red Gill lures have the "RED GILL" name between the "dots". Look for it when buying your next batch of Red Gill lures to make sure you are getting the ultimate sand eel imitation lure.






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