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MAK Angler by MAK Surfcasting - MAK Anler Logo


MAK Angler Surfcasting Bags & Accessories

The MAK Angler Series by MAK Surfcasting is MADE IN THE USA for the serious surfcasters! The search is finally over for surf fishing anglers who need the perfect lure bag at the right price. The MAK Angler line of surfcasting gear offers surf fishing anglers the combination of innovative functional design, quality and durability once upon a time only found in custom surf bags. MAK uses only the best materials. MAK Surfcasting guarantees the quality and construction of all their product under their one year limited warranty. Hans down, MAK Angler Series of Surfcasting Bags and Accessories are the best value on the market. If you are looking for a bag to hit the beach hard this season browse our selection below. You will not be let down by the MAK Angler Surfcasting Line of Products.


MAK Angler 4-Tube Surfcasting Bag

MAK 4-Tube Surfcasting Bag

The MAK Angler 4-Tube Surfcasting Bag (Model: 400) is the perfect size for the angler who wants just a few extra plugs that he can't do without when heading to that favorite spot. This bag includes a four tube set of our 2 3/4 inch round x 8.5 inch tall tubes.

MAK Angler 3-Tube Surfcasting Bag

MAK 3-Tube Surfcasting Bag

The MAK Angler 3-Tube Surfcasting Bag (Model: 300) is the most popular size for the wetsuit surfcaster. This bag is large enough to hold your favorite plugs, but small enough not to weigh you down. This bag includes a three tube set of our 2 3/4 inch round x 8.5 inch tall tubes.

MAK Angler 2-Tube Belt Lure Bags - Short & Tall

MAK 2-Tube Belt Lure Bag

The MAK Angler 2-Tube Belt Bags are available in two versions; Tall (Model: 201) and Short (Model: 200). They both have double belt loops to secure your bag to your belt and they both feature quick drainage. The MAK Angler 2-Tube Short Belt Bag is the perfect size to hold plenty of your smaller plugs and the MAK Angler 2-Tube Tall Belt Bag is the perfect size to hold a few of your favorite longer lures.

MAK Angler Single Tube Belt Bags - Tall & Short

MAK 1-Tube (Single) Belt Lure Bag

The MAK Angler 1-Tube Belt Bags aks Single Tube are available in two versions; Tall (Model: 101) and Short (Model: 100). The MAK Angler Single Tube Short Bag is perfect for those few extra smaller plugs you wish you had. The Single Tube Short is especially popular for carrying weighted trebles aka snag hooks and the Single Tube Tall Bag is great for large pencil poppers and long needlefish lures.


MAK Utility Pouches - Small, Medium, Large

MAK Belt Utility Pouches

The MAK Angler Utility pouches are made with the same fabric and craftsmanship as there surfbags and will deliver the same lasting quality. These pouches can be used to store/carry many different items. Some examples are rigged eels, rubber shads, slug-gos, ronzs and many other convenient items like a tape measure, waterproof camera, small waterproof cell phone and/or energy bar.

MAK Angler Bucktail Pouch

MAK Bucktail Pouch

The MAK Angler Bucktail Pouch is a simple design that gives you easy storage and access to your bucktails and tins. lt The bucktail pouch is designed with 12 loops that can handle up to 5oz bucktails. There is also enough room to put a little extra inside.

MAK Ork Rind Jar Holders

MAK Pork Rind Jar Holders

The MAK Angler Pork Rind Jar Holder is a simple yet secure way to attach a pork rind jar to your shoulder strap. Made with 2" heavy duty nylon webbing that fits perfectly around a standard size container, and has a strap with a Velcro fastener to keep it tightly closed.

MAK Angler Plier Sheath

MAK Plier Sheath

The MAK Angler Plier Sheath is a key piece of surfcasting gear. A surfcaster's number one tool after their rod and reel is their pliers. And how one carries and keeps their pliers ready for use is very important.

MAK D-Ring Belt Attachment

MAK D-Ring Belt Attachment

The MAK Angler D-Ring Belt Attachment is made with a 2" wide heavy duty 1/4" thick 316 stainless steel D-Ring. This is a must have universal belt accessory.

MAK Surf Belt aka Wading Belt

MAK Surf Belt

The MAK Angler Surf Belt aka Wading Belt is made with a secure triple lock buckle to ensure that accidental release of the belt does not occur. This belt will adjust to fit most sizes.


More Details about MAK Surf Bags and Accessories:

Every MAK Angler surf bags starts with heavy duty hook resistant Dacron Sailcloth, stitched with high strength (and also known for stability in sunlight as well as resistance to heat, abrasion, salt water and mildew) bonded polyester thread. The seams are double stitched with an additional 4 rows of stitching on the corners and additional backstitching at all stress points. MAK edges all of the fabric with marine quality polyester binding to avoid the cracking and splitting that occurs after one or two seasons with lesser quality bindings. MAK Surf Bags NEVER come apart at the seams, MAK Surfcasting guarantees it!!!







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