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Momoi Fishing Line The Momoi Superstore

 Quality Since 1905... Momoi produces the finest fishing line. The world’s best fishing lines are the results of the craftsman’s pride and dedication. Momoi Fishing Line is and has been the pioneer of fishing line development. Due to advanced extrusion technology, Momoi line offers anglers fishing lines with amazing tinsel strength and abrasion resistance. Momoi Fishing Line is known around the world for "the finest monofilament in the world."


Momoi's Hi-Catch Diamond - Abrasion Resistant Monofilament Line

Momoi's Diamond Fishing Line Bulk Spools


The clear choice for extreme conditions! Tougher finish offers superior abrasion resistance for extreme conditions! New formulations offers tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests. Superior knot strength is the most critical factor in choosing a monofilament. "High Vis Yellow, Brilliant Blue Blue & Diamond Clear" color combines the benefits of high visibility line and the clarity of clear line. Economical new spool sizes offer closer match to reel capacities

Momoi's Hi-Catch - Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line

Momoi Hi-Catch Fishing Line Spool


Momoi's Hi-Catch Nylon Monofilament Line is an extremely high quality monofilament line produced using strict quality controls. It exhibits very low memory characteristics, is very soft and flexible while maintaining a high tensile strength to diameter ratio. Smaller diameter lines with high tensile strength result in larger reel capacity when fighting hard charging game fish.


Momoi's Hi-Catch Monofilament Leader Line - Monofilament Leader Line

Momoi Hi Catch Leader Material



Momoi's Hi-Catch Leader Line Spool & Coils are the ultimate leader line material because of its extremely high tensile strength as well as abrasion resistance. The #1 Monofilament Fishing Line in the world! High Quality, Amazing Strength and Dependable Legacy!


Momoi's Precision Tools - Crimpers & Cutters

Momoi Precision Crimpers & Cutters

Momoi offers a great line of Crimpers and Mono Cutters.  They are precision machined hand tool that provides a secure crimp squeeze and a smooth cut on even the largest sizes of monofilament.  Solid construction with formed hand grips insures a comfortable, long lasting tool.  These products are a must have for any boat and/or mate.





The Momoi Fishing Line Superstore


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