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ODM Surf Wave Lure Bag

While the ODM Surf Wave Lure bags might look similar to others on the market it has distinguished features. First and foremost the ODM Surf Wave Lure Bags are lightweight yet extremely durable constructed with doubled Dacron Sail Cloth (2-ply 9oz) for a heavy duty, rigid, hook snag-less bag. This material is the industry standard for long lasting in the harsh rocky marine surf fishing environment. The bags are made extra tough with industrial strength velcro, super strong reinforced bottom and seam stitching. They are dressed with heavy duty 316 stainless steel hardware; extra bottom grommets for fast drainage, 2 small d-rings. The bags are also outfitted with a high quality detachable adjustable shoulder strap with comfort pad to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue. The back of the bags are fixed with 2 belt loops.


ODM Surf Wave Lure BagThe Surf Wave Bags are available in two unique sizes; the 2.5 and the 3.5. Basically a two tube and a three tube but offering so much more. The 2.5 has two 3" tubes in the main bag (the 3.5 has three 3" tubes) and one 2.5" tube in the bag's left side pouch. This additional "1/2" tube is awesome for quick access to your go to lure or a plug that you have staged "on deck" ready to go. It is also great for keeping a couple smaller lures (like a Daiwa SP Minnow, Bomber Long Shot, etc) that would other wise become tangled or lost in a large tube with big lures in the mix.


The practical design and versatility only starts there... The ODM Surf Wave Bags have several separate compartments for convenient access offering plenty of storage for all essential and specialty tackle fitting everything from a leader wallet, package of softbaits or rinds, a hand full of bucktails and jigs, metals, small lures, medium lures, large lures, a water bottle, an extra spool and a small camera with room to spare. The bag is made up of the four key sections; the primary compartment, the front detachable bucktail pouch, left side pouch and right side pouch.


 - The Primary Compartment contains the main lure storage tubes in addition to inside front and rear dividers (pockets) which are helpful to slide something behind or in front of the tubes without fouling with the hooks of lures. It's great for storing a large swimbait or two, possibly a rigged eel or two or a leader wallet and a pack of softbaits. It could even fit a knife, fold up ruler or an pair of emergency hook cutting pliers. This section of the bag has flaps for extra security which prevent lures from sneaking out the lid seam/crack found on most lure bags. These flaps have velco so they can be tucked out of the way. But why not use them for the added insurance? Who wants to donate lures to the ocean that you are forced to?


 - The Front Detachable Bucktail Pouch is one of the most popular features. It is securely attached with velcro and side clips for a fixed mount that can be left on the bag permanently. However when the occasion arises the front pouch can be detached from the bag and be used as a sand alone bucktail pouch. It fits onto any surf belt offering versatility. The pouch has heavy duty wide bucktail slots to keep things organized. The 2.5 has 6 loop dividers and the 3.6 has 8 loop dividers.


 - The Left Side Pouch is where the Bag's "1/2" name came from. It was detailed above in the second paragaph. The left side pouch has a 2.5" diameter 6.25" tall tube which is great for smaller lures and slender long metals like AVA's. The tube can also be removed to fit a water bottle or anything you wish (stringer, pliers, etc).


 - The Right Side Pouch is a multi-purpose security pouch with buckle. This is great for keeping a waterproof camera, phone, extra spool or rinds/tails. The pouch's buckle offers worry free fishing in rough conditions.


The ODM Surf Wave 2.5 Surf Bag offers a compact design that is great for anglers who want to pack on the lighter side. It's the go to choice when walking long distances or when wading deep and packing light is essential. The ODM Surf Wave 2.5 is approximately 10.75" L x 9" H x 3.25" W (excluding detachable front pouch). The main bag has two super strong, wide and tall 3" tubes (8.25" X 3"). Its front detachable bucktail pouch has 6 loop style dividers.


The ODM Surf Wave 3.5 Surf Bag offers anglers extra storage capacity to allow preparation for that unexpected crazy night. What makes the 3.5 special? It's a three tube lure bag with that essential extra storage room yet not too large and bulky like four tube bags. The ODM Surf Wave 3.5 is approximately 13.75" L x 9" H x 3.25" W (excluding detachable front pouch). The main bag has three super strong, wide and tall 3" tubes (8.25" X 3"). Its front detachable bucktail pouch has 8 loop style dividers.

Versatile, Durable, Lightweight surf bags designed by fisherman for fisherman. The crew at ODM did their home work and hit a home run... again! ODM started off with great quality surf rods. Now for 2017 they introduced their Surf Wave Lure Bag specifically designed for surf anglers. ODM listened to their customers and filled a void in the market place. The ODM Surf Wave lure bags are premium surf fishing bag that are built right and priced right while offering essential features and they are available in a select retail setting so the bags are obtainable in a timely fashion. The wait is over!



ODM Surf Wave Lure Bags
00020135025 ODM SW-25 Surf Wave Lure Bag 249.99

00020135035 ODM SW-35 Surf Wave Lure Bag 279.99











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