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Penn LogoPenn Clash

New for 2016 the Penn Clash is the lightest Penn reel to date! If you are looking for a tech filled reel with the performance the Penn Clash is for you. It is super smooth, durable and light enough to fish all day!


Available in models 2000 through 8000 there is a Penn Clash size for all styles of saltwater fishing. The 2000, 2500 and 3000 are great for casting light tackle lures with 10-15 pound braid. The 4000 and 5000 are perfect for any medium tackle approach. The 6000 and 8000 are the go to for large game like tarpon, jacks and trophy striped bass.


Penn Clash Spinning ReelThe Penn Clash series is divided into two groups. The 2000-5000 have strong and lightweight ridged "Techno-Balanced™ RR30" carbon rotor and aluminum main gears. The 6000 and 8000 reels have aluminum rotors and fully machined brass gears. While it adds weight they offer the ultimate strength for long term durability battling big fish with heavy drag. All Clash reels have a strong tubular aluminum bail for long life and a rotor break to prevent unwanted bail trip when casting./p>

Penn CLASH Stand Out Features:

• Full Metal Body
• Techno-Balanced™ rotor
• CNC GEAR™ Technology
• HT-100™ carbon fiber drag washers
• 8 Sealed stainless steel ball bearing
• Instant Anti-Reverse bearing
• Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire
• Braid ready spool
• Line Capacity Rings
• "Leveline" Oscillation System


Read more about the Penn Clash fishing reels and learn about all of its features below.


Penn Clash Spinning Reels
CLA2000 Penn Clash 2000 179.95

CLA2500 Penn Clash 2500 179.95

CLA3000 Penn Clash 3000 199.95

CLA4000 Penn Clash 4000 199.95

CLA5000 Penn Clash 5000 219.95

CLA6000 Penn Clash 6000 259.95

CLA8000 Penn Clash 8000 259.95


More details about the Penn Clash Reels:


The Penn Clash series features lots of new technology as well as some of Penn's demanded classic.


One of the most important parts of a fishing reel is the gears. After years of die-cast gears, Penn outfitted the Clash with precision machined gears. This "CNCGear" System Technology is not the industry standard die-cast gears which break down and strip out over time. These new CNC'd gears are DURABLE, SMOOTH, PRECISE and OUTPERFORM the competition!!! By using state of the art software and CNC machinery the drive, pinion and oscillation gear are cut to exact tolerances using premium metals. Penn Clash models 2000-5000 utilize a machined brass pinion and machined aluminum drive gear. Penn Clash models 6000 and 8000 utilize a machined brass pinion and drive gear.


Gears are for cranking, but what supports them and makes the reel smooth? The full-metal aluminum body and sideplate keep everything aligned in perfect order. Penn Clash is outfitted with 8+1 all sealed stainless ball bearings to keep salt and moisture out and stay smooth and quiet. Penn added a key seal at the one way roller bearing "clutch" (anti-reverse). This protects against a notorious bearing failure in saltwater reels across the industry and is what gives the Penn Clash its instant hook setting ability.


What about drag? The Penn Clash offers anglers a phenomenal drag with beautiful range, fine tune-ability and lots of max drag. Thanks to Penn HT100 carbon drag washer material these drags are durable. They can with stand high heat and lots of pressure. Top that off with a big seal under drag cap, a sealed bearing on the bottom of the spool and the Clash has a water resistant drag. The drag cap is fitted with with a WAVE SPRING offering a much better drag curve. The "Wave Spring" out performs standard drag's coil spring offering a more linear drag curve which is fine tune-able. This allows angler to fish a full drag range from light to heavy without rapid ramp up and loss of a fish due to drag lock up.


Here's some other new features which should not be over looked. The Penn Clash features a new slow oscillation for perfectly level line lay to optimize casting distance. The "Leveline System" utilizes the correct combination of slow oscillation and appropriate spool dimensions to deliver the perfect line lay for improved casting and reduced wind knots.


NOTE: Those anglers looking for a beefy reel with a sealed gear case and heavy weight body for battling the rocks, surf and sand... The Penn Spinfisher SSv is way to go. Great news, the Clash gears were designed to interchange with the SSV on the 5500 size and above. You'll be able to upgrade your SSv by ordering the appropriate CNC'd Clash gears from us in late 2015/early 2016. More details coming soon!


Detailed Penn Clash Reel Specifications:


   Size     -                    Line Capacity               - Max Drag - Gear Ratio/IPT - Weight
CLA2000 - 125yds/08# Mono  180yds/10# Braid - 10# Drag  -    6.2:1 / 30"    - 08.2oz
CLA2500 - 140yds/10# Mono  240yds/10# Braid - 12# Drag  -    6.2:1 / 33"    - 08.5oz
CLA3000 - 120yds/12# Mono  250yds/15# Braid - 15# Drag  -    6.2:1 / 35"    - 10.3oz
CLA4000 - 165yds/12# Mono  260yds/20# Braid - 15# Drag  -    6.2:1 / 37"    - 10.7oz
CLA5000 - 135yds/20# Mono  300yds/30# Braid - 20# Drag  -    5.6:1 / 36"    - 16.8oz
CLA6000 - 210yds/25# Mono  335yds/50# Braid - 25# Drag  -    5.6:1 / 41"    - 20.7oz
CLA8000 - 230yds/30# Mono  380yds/65# Braid - 30# Drag  -    4.7:1 / 40"    - 27.2oz


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