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Penn Fishing ReelsPenn Fierce II Spinning Reels

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel

  The Penn Fierce II Fishing Reels will blow your socks off! The quality and price together combined for a great value from Penn Reels. The Fierce II was engineered to provide unwavering performance in the roughest conditions.


The Penn Fierce II offer everything the original Fierce model offered (dependability and unparalleled power at an affordable price) and more... The Penn Fierce II features: Full Metal Body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads, stainless steel main shaft, Techno-Balanced rotor gives smooth retrieves, 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings, Instant Anti-Reverse bearing, Heavy-duty thick aluminum bail wire, Superline  braid ready spool, Line Capacity Rings, machined and anodized aluminum handle with soft touch knob. When comparing the original Penn Fierce to the New Fierce II the basic changes are an upgraded bail and an upgraded spool. Please note the Fierce II has the same field-proven oiled-felt drag system found in the original. If you would like to upgrade to Penn famous HT100 carbon fiber drag, take a look at the Penn Battle II Reels.


Penn Fierce LiveLiner Reels



Penn Fierce II LiveLiner Reels: Penn offers the Fierce Series Reels in three sizes (4000LL, 6000LL, 8000LL) with their exclusive LiveLiner feature. The LiveLiner is essential for anglers who love to fish live baits but do not want to fish a conventional style reel because they love the super simple cast-ability of a spinning reel.

The LiveLiner reels have an additional LiveLiner drag systems (in addition to the main fish fighting drag  found on all spinning reels located in the spool for battling fish) located at the bottom of the reel. This LiveLiner drag is engaged by flipping a switch and the "free-spooliong" tension is easily adjusted by the dial at the bottom of the reel. This allows an angler to fish any live baits (different sizes) in a variety of conditions allowing for total control of the situation and bait. See the photo at the right, which shows the LiveLiner Switch and the Control Dial.



Penn Fierce II Spinning Reels
03132416499 Penn FRCII2000 Fierce 6# 180yds Mono / 10# 180yds Braid 6.2:1 4BB+1RB 59.99

03132416501 Penn FRCII2500 Fierce 8# 175yds Mono / 15# 220yds Braid 6.2:1 4BB+1RB 59.99

03132416503 Penn FRCII3000 Fierce 10# 165yds Mono / 20# 180yds Braid 6.2:1 4BB+1RB 69.99

03132416505 Penn FRCII4000 Fierce 10# 220yds Mono / 30# 185yds Braid 6.2:1 4BB+1RB 69.99

03132416507 Penn FRCII5000 Fierce 15# 200yds Mono / 40# 240yds Braid 5.6:1 4BB+1RB 79.99

03132416509 Penn FRCII6000 Fierce 20# 230yds Mono / 50# 335yds Braid 5.6:1 4BB+1RB 79.99

03132416511 Penn FRCII8000 Fierce 25# 310yds Mono / 65# 390yds Braid 5.3:1 4BB+1RB 89.99

Penn Fierce II Live Liner Spinning Reels
03132416515 Penn FRCII4000LL Fierce LiveLiner 10# 220yds Mono / 30# 185yds Braid 6.2:1 4BB+1RB 89.99

03132416517 Penn FRCII6000LL Fierce LiveLiner 20# 230yds Mono / 50# 335yds Braid 5.6:1 4BB+1RB 99.99

03132416519 Penn FRCII8000LL Fierce LiveLiner 25# 310yds Mono / 65# 390yds Braid 5.3:1 4BB+1RB 109.99

Penn Fierce Rod & Reel Combo
03132416626 Penn FRCII8000102H Spin Combo - FRCII8000 W/ 10' 20-40# 2-6oz 2pc Rod 119.99



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