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Penn Reel Cleaner & Lube: Reel Oil & Reel Grease

Penn Reel Oil, Grease & Cleaner

Protect your investment with Penn Reel Oil, Penn Grease and Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner! Due to the harsh marine environment, preventative maintenance is a must. Prevent rust and corrosion with Penn Reel Cleaner and Lubes. This family of maintenance products from Penn Reels was designed with the angler in mind. This line is the next generation from X-1R series of product that many anglers loved.


Penn Reel Maintenance Products are great on your rods and reel, but also try them for other everyday uses too. They will out perform other products. Use Penn Reel Maintenance Products around the house, garage and on all marine equipments including: Motors, Downriggers, Wenches, Pulleys, Trailers and anything that might rust due to exposure to everyday saltwater environment. Apply sparingly to electrical contacts around your boat, trailer and vehicle for great results.


Penn Reel Cleaner
03132418772 PENN 12OZCLN Cleaner 12oz Spray Bottle Rod & Reel Cleaner 9.99

03132418771 PENN 4OZCLN Cleaner 4oz Spray Bottle Rod & Reel Cleaner 4.99

Penn Reel Grease
03132418770 PENN 1LBGSE Grease 1lb Tub 19.99

03132418769 PENN 2OZGSE Grease 2oz Tub 4.99

74680292359 PENN QTROZ Grease 1/4oz Tube 1.99

03132418768 PENN QTROZGSEFB100 Grease1/4oz Tube 100-pc Fishbowl (Non-Stock Item - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY) 159.99

Penn Reel Oil
03132418767 PENN 4OZOIL Reel Oil 4oz Dripper Bottle 4.99

03132418766 PENN 2OZOIL Reel Oil 2oz Dripper Bottle 3.99

Penn Reel Oil & Grease Combo
03132418773 PENN ANGPCK Grease & Oil 1/2oz of each 5.99


More Information about Penn Reel Maintenance Products:


Oil:  Penn Synthetic Reel Oil was developed to assure optimum lubrication and protection against corrosion and rust. Penn Reel Oil will extend the life of your reel by protecting against rust and corrosion and the oil will offer smoother reel operation (longer casts and easy retrieval). Apply Penn Reel Oil to worm gears, ball bearings, spool shafts, rotor pins & springs, crank shafts and oscillating plates. For best results, thoroughly clean all parts with Penn Reel Cleaner and then apply Penn Reel Oil sparingly on all required parts.

Grease:  Penn Precision Reel Grease is a custom designed grease, made from special base stocks and unique additives. Penn Grease is formulated to perform over a wide temperature range in applications where grease is the preferred lubricant. Proprietary components provide Penn Precision Reel Grease with superior lubricity, wear protection, water stability, load-carrying capacity and rust protection over other conventional greases. Its advanced formula also contributes to excellent oxidation and thermal resistance and it is also compatible with a wide range of other types of grease.  Apply Penn Precision Reel Grease to main gears, crank gears, pinion gears and bushings. For best results, thoroughly clean all parts with Penn Reel Cleaner and then apply Penn Precision Reel Grease sparingly on all required parts.

Cleaner:  Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner is a superior cleaner for use with all fishing tackle. Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner features corrosion inhibitors which are formulated to repel water and prevent salt build up, corrosion and rust. While doing seasonal or scheduled preventive maintenance on your tackle, use Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner to remove build-up and clean internal and external reel parts. Apply Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner liberally via the convenient spray bottle on all type of rods, reels and lines, then lightly wipe clean. Most applications will show immediate results; however, severely rusted parts may require more time. Use Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner after every fishing trip to help protect and prevent moisture and salt build-up that is the cause of corrosion.  Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner is safe to use on all metal and composite parts as well as fishing rods and fishing line. Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner will have no adverse effects on fishing line.


Store all Penn Reel Maintenance Products in a cool dry place.





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