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Penn Fishing ReelsPenn Spinfisher V Series - Penn SSV Reels

  In 1963 Penn Reels introduced the Spinfisher which has grown to be the most popular reels on the market. For those 50 years, the Spinfisher Series has been the toughest spinning reel in the world. Now Penn has incorporated today’s advancement in materials and technology in their fifth generation Spinfisher V aka the SSV. A favorite for years, the newest rendition of the classic was an instant hit winning ICAST's 2012 Best of Show in the Saltwater Reel Category!
Penn SSV Spinfisher Series


Penn SSV Spinfisher V Series Spinning Reels
03132418963 Penn SSV3500 Spinfisher V 8# 210yds 6.2:1 139.95

03132418965 Penn SSV4500 Spinfisher V 10# 250yds 6.2:1 139.95

03132418968 Penn SSV5500 Spinfisher V 15# 240yds 5.6:1 159.95

03132418970 Penn SSV6500 Spinfisher V 20# 210yds 5.6:1 159.95

03132419713 Penn SSV6500BLS Spinfisher V 20# 210yds 5.6:1 BAIL-LESS 159.95

03132418972 Penn SSV7500 Spinfisher V 20# 300yds 4.7:1 179.95

03132418973 Penn SSV8500 Spinfisher V 30# 300yds 4.7:1 179.95

03132418975 Penn SSV9500 Spinfisher V 40# 300yds 4.2:1 199.95

03132418976 Penn SSV10500 Spinfisher V 40# 350yds 4.2:1 199.95

Penn SSVLL Spinfisher V Series Live Liner Spinning Reels
03132418967 Penn SSV4500LL Live Liner 10# 250yds 6.2:1 159.95

03132418971 Penn SSV6500LL Live Liner 20# 210yds 5.6:1 179.95

03132418974 Penn SSV8500LL Live Liner 30# 300yds 4.7:1 199.95




Model   Mono Cap (yds/lb) Braid Cap. (yds/lb) Max Drag Retrieve Weight
SSV3500   390/4 • 250/6 • 210/8 230/10 • 215/15 • 165/20 20 lbs 30(in) 13.4(oz)
SSV4500   300/8 • 250/10 • 185/12 365/15 • 280/20 • 200/30 25 lbs 34(in) 14(oz)
SSV5500   360/10 • 270/12 • 240/15 425/20 • 320/30 • 250/40 30 lbs 35(in) 20.4(oz)
SSV6500   330/12 • 300/15 • 210/20 430/30 • 340/40 • 280/50 30 lbs 39(in) 21.3(oz)
SSV7500   440/15 • 300/20 • 210/30 430/40 • 360/50 • 320/65 35 lbs 36(in) 26.9(oz)
SSV8500   440/20 • 300/30 • 250/40 650/40 • 540/50 • 470/65 35 lbs 42(in) 29.5(oz)
SSV8500   360/30 • 300/40 • 220/50 630/50 • 540/65 • 490/80 40 lbs 39(in) 38.3(oz)
SSV10500   415/30 • 350/40 • 255/50 750/50 • 670/65 • 580/80 40 lbs 42(in) 39.8(oz)
SSV4500LL   300/8 • 250/10 • 185/12 365/15 • 280/20 • 200/30 25 lbs 34(in) 16.2(oz)
SSV6500LL   330/12 • 300/15 • 210/20 430/30 • 340/40 • 280/50 30 lbs 39(in) 23.8(oz)
SSV8500LL   440/20 • 300/30 • 250/40 650/40 • 540/50 • 470/65 35 lbs 42(in) 32.2(oz)



The newest addition to the Spinfisher V series is the SSV6500BLS Bail-less reel. Penn SSV are now available in Standard, Live Liner, and Bail-less models.


Penn Spinfisher SSV Live LinerPenn SSV Spinning Reel - Spinfisher V  The new line of Penn SSV reels are workhorses built to withstand saltwater and ready for big fish. Available in a variety of sizes and styles (SSV-LL Live Liner, SSV with a bail, SSV-BLS with out a bail) the SSV series is a versatile spinning reel that is great for surf fishing, live bait fishing and jigging. Its full metal body and sideplate keep the gears precisely aligned even under heavy load with trophy class fish. For long term durability the SSV features a deep anodization to provide extra corrosion resistance. Also Penn resigned the bail, now an oversized thicker/stronger heavy duty aluminum bail wire. The bail has a friction trip ramp in order to prevent premature bail trip when casting. For super smooth operation all of the Penn SSV reels have stainless steel main shafts as well as five shielded stainless steel bearings and one infinite anti-reverse one way roller bearing. All of the SSV reels have 6 seals (9 seals on the live liner models) that keep the gearbox and drag clean and smooth. Please note this reel is not 100% waterproof.


Penn SSV reels have machined and anodized aluminum spools with Penn's unique (and exclusive) "Braid Ready" Superline Spool and Line Capacity Rings.  There's no need for backing because the spool has a rubber gasket which keeps braided line secure.  The very helpful Line Capacity Rings are divide the spool into thirds for quick and easy line capacity readings. This eliminates the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish and it also provides a benchmark when re-spooling. For the smoothest drag under heavy pressure the Penn SSV's spool is stacked with only the best drag material. Penn's legendary HT-100 "wet" (greased) carbon fiber drag provides amazing drag capabilities. Extreme drag pressure, a wide range of adjustment and a large diameter drag knob so you can easily crank down to max drag. The Spinfisher V series has a sealed drag system with three 3 HT-100 drag washers (1 on the top of the spool, 2 large diameter washers underneath the spool). All HT-100 washers are greased for smoothness and longevity.

Penn Reels Spinfisher TimelineThe new Penn SSV has been improved upon and modernized but still kept it's roots in long term durability, functionality and most of all affordability. The SSV still has the classic Penn "Black and Gold" look. The smaller sizes have enhanced gear ratios. The largest sizes have triple-supported oversized stainless steel main shafts (on 9500 and 10500) and dual anti-reverse (one way roller bearing with a back up dog ratchet on 7500-10500 sizes).


For serious live bait fisherman, Penn offers three SSV Live Liner Models (4500LL, 6500LL, 8500LL). Simply pull the switch back and the front drag disengages and the spool runs off of the (rear) Live Liner drag. The Live Liner drag lets your live bait swim free. When you get bit, simply crank over the handle and the Live Liner drag disengages leaving the front (fighting) drag engaged, now putting pressure on the fish.


*Please note that the Penn Spinfisher V has replaced the Penn SSg, SSm and Slammer series of reels.



With the Penn SSV Series, Penn continues its innovation and take the industry by storm. Check out Penn's SSV Reels in action:







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