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Penn International® V ARA Stand-up Rods at fisherman's headquarters


Penn International V ARA Stand up Rods

  Ideal for any offshore challenge. Penn International V ARA Stand-up Rods feature all AFTCO Rollers for minimal line wear, tubular P450 Glass, and a machined, Aluminum Butt, gimbal, and reel seat for maximum lifting power and durability. Fore grip material is EVA foam for the ultimate in durability and comfort.




Penn International® V TS/TF Stand up Rods

   Featuring Aluminum-Oxide Turbo Guides and Penn’s IST blank technology, Penn International® V TS/TF Rods are an excellent alternative to Penn International Rods with rollers. TS/TF Rods offer an economical and lighter-weight rod capable of taming any blue water game fish. TS Rods utilize Penn’s Slick Butt® for durability and ease of removal from the rod holder, while TF designated rods feature an EVA Foam rear grip for increased angler comfort. Both butt options work equally well, it really depends on your personal fishing style.





Penn International® V RS Stand up Rods

  Featuring AFTCO Roller Stripper and Tip-Top for line protection in the two greatest friction points on the rod, with Aluminum-Oxide Turbo Guides “In-Between” for the best combination of line protection and economy. The butt of the rod is Penn’s Slick Butt® (RS Versions) for ease of removal from rod holders.  It features Penn’s Integrated Solid Tip, combining the power of tubular glass and the durability of solid glass in the tiptop section. All International® V RS Stand-up Rod models feature machined reel seats and metal gimbals for reliability and proven performance. Fore grips are EVA foam for the ultimate in comfort and durability, a standard theme with all Penn Products.



Penn Mariner® Stand up Rods


  Feature a machined reel seat, Slick Butt®, heavy-duty,  braced ceramic guides (commonly referred to as Turbo Guides), and a tough Aluminum gimbal, in addition to the lightweight, solid-glass black blank. Penn Mariner ®Stand-up rods are tough, dependable, and good looking. But the obvious question is, “how tough?” In a move not recommended for anyone with common sense and half a brain, a mate on a private boat decided he would attempt the impossible and catch a Longfin stand-up style, but from a seated position, with his butt resting on the rod butt. This mate laid the rod across the transom, cranked and squatted, and cranked and squatted. Sounds idiotic; and we definitely cannot recommend anyone try it, but the Penn Mariner® Stand-up Rod handled the task.









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