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Tactical Angler Logo

Tactical Angler Clips

Tactical Anglers Power Fast Clips are super strong and easy to use. They allow anglers quick and easy lure changes especially in the wet cold. Tactical Angler Clips are slip proof clips made from a single thick stainless steel wire to provide maximum strength and dependability. Tactical Angler Clips feature an innovative design unlike other clips. As shown in the picture below, the Tactical Angler Clips have a streamline profile with slightly pointed ends which keeps knots seated on the end. Tactical Anglers supports anglers with unsurpassed quality. Tactical Angler exceeds expectations, offering the world's best fishing clip.

Tactical Angler Fishing Clip  


Tactical Angler Fishing Clips:

 - Extremely strong

 - Easy to Use

 - Streamline Design


Tactical Angler Clips are available in four sizes:

 - 50lbs
 - 75lbs

 - 125lbs

 - 175lbs

Tactical Anglers Fishing Clip Size Chart


Tactical Angler Fishing Clips
73621157831 Tactical Angler TAC050 Clips - 50lb Power Fast Clip - 10pk 5.99

73621158251 Tactical Angler TAC075 Clips - 75lb Power Fast Clip - 8pk 5.99

73621148241 Tactical Angler TAC125 Clips - 125lb Power Fast Clip - 8pk 5.99

73621148251 Tactical Angler TAC175 Clips - 175lb Power Fast Clip - 8pk 5.99

Tactical Angler Fishing Clips - Bulk Packs
73621158101 Tactical Angler TAC050B Clips - 50lb Power Fast Clip - 30pk 12.50

73621158261 Tactical Angler TAC075B Clips - 75lb Power Fast Clip - 25pk 12.50

73621158111 Tactical Angler TAC125B Clips - 125lb Power Fast Clip - 25pk 12.50

73621158121 Tactical Angler TAC175B Clips - 175lb Power Fast Clip - 25pk 12.50



Tactical Angler Assault PouchTactical Angler Assault Pouch

Tactical Tactical Angler Assault Pouch is ready for action in rigorous saltwater conditions! The Tactical Angler Assault Pouch is a convenient pouch designed for rubber/plastic softbait storage, it is also great for bucktails, leaders and/or miscellaneous terminal tackle gear. The Assault Pouch has a divider inside as well as two drainage holes on the bottom, velcro flap closure and two belt loops on the back.


Size: 7" wide x 5" tall

Color: Stealth Black


Tactical Angler Assault Pouch
73621157841 Tactical Angler Assault Pouch - Black 21.99






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