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Van Staal Logo


Van Staal

VAN STAAL: NO LIMITATIONS - "No Limitations" describes everything about the Van Staal product line. No limits on where you can go, how big a fish you can hook or the amount of pressure you can put on it and your equipment. With Van Staal, you're always in control of the battle. Van Staal offers anglers the toughest reels in the world. They are designed to be fished hard and built to last in the worst saltwater conditions the ocean has to offer. Whether you are after trophy striped bass in the surf or targeting big pelagics offshore Van Staal has a reel for you.


Van Staal offers unique hard core fishing reels that give anglers the "No Limitations" style of fishing! No other reel is sealed water-tight to resist the sand, salt and surf. Only a Van Staal can be submerged in saltwater and still perform without having to be immediately opened up and cleaned. Waterproof seals and casings keep oil and grease inside the reel and saltwater out. Buy Van Staal Reels, Van Staal Pliers and Van Staal Reel Parts from Fisherman's Headquarters, New Jersey's exclusive Factory Authorized Van Staal Service and Warranty Center.


Van Staal X-Series Reel

Van Staal X-Series Reels

New for 2014 - The next level in innovation, the Van Staal X-Series offers the same legendary rock solid VS design and materials but with a a couple key upgrades. Take advantage of the Van Staal X-Series Drag and the Van Staal X-Series!

Van Staal VS Series Reels

Van Staal VS Reels

Van Staal VS Spinning Reels are Van Staal's original no-nonsense reels. Proven for the surf and not afraid of any situation. Featuring a Van Staal exclusive sealed waterproof drag system and gear box to let you get right in the surf without worrying about the performance of your reel.

Van Staal VSB Reels

Van Staal VSB Reels

Everything that the Van Staal VS Series offers in the addition of a bail.

Van Staal VM Reels

Van Staal VM Reels

Van Staal VM Series fishing reels are rock solid reels at a great price. The VM150 and the VM275 are for anglers who demand a fishing reel that is strong and reliable.

Van Staal Pliers

Van Staal Pliers

Van Staal Titanium Pliers are super strong, lightweight, rust and wear free. Best of all they will not corrode. Van Staal Pliers are made to last. Vans Staal offers anglers the best saltwater fishing pliers.

Van Staal Handle Knob - VS Reel Parts

Van Staal Reel Parts

Want an after market Van Staal Ball Bnob reel handle. We also have VS Oval Knobs too. Need an extra Van Staal Reel Spool? Did you loose your VS Drag knob or the handle shim and now your reel handle timing is off? We've got you covered.

Van Staal Service Kit

Van Staal Service & Self-Service Kits

Fisherman's Headquarters in a Factory Authorized Van Staal Service and Warranty Center. If you need to have your Van Staal reels serviced you can send them to us and our certified Van Staal Reel Technicians will rebuild them. Quick Turnaround. We also sell Van Staal Self Service Kits for anglers who know how to service their own reels.




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