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Z-Wing LogoZ-Wing Downrigger Weight

The Z-Wing is a lightweight alternative downrigger weight that was developed by a hydrodynamic designer who was a die hard fisherman. Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than weight, the Z-Wing's unique design creates a steady-tracking downward force many times its own weight. The Z-Wing offers the ability to troll lures and baits over a range of speeds without complicated adjustments to the tow cord lengths). The Z-Wing Downrigger weights maintain depth and tracks with minimal drag, putting you in control of precise depth and lateral location.

Z-Wing Downrigger Weight Alternative


The Z-Wing is made from lightweight virtually indestructible polypropylene so it is ready for years of hard fishing abuse in either fresh or saltwater fishing applications. A Z-Wing has a nominal dimension of 13" x 7" and comes two weights (150 or 350) as well as two colors (Black or Yellow). Each model has three attachment positions with the center hole being the most efficient.


The Z-Wing 350: (Formerly the Z-Wing 250) The Z-Wing 350 weighs in at 3.75-lbs. Attached by the center hole it will produce a 16 degree downward angle and by far will outperform any a lead balls downrigger weight. The Z-Wing 350 will hold this angle and lateral position at speeds from under 1 knot to well over 6 knots. The 350 should be your CHOICE FOR LOWER SPEED applications.

The Z-Wing 150: (Formerly the Z-Wing 500) The Z-Wing 150 weighs in at 1.25-lbs. Attached by the center hole it will produce a 19 degree downward angle and is best used from 3 knots to 13 knots. The lighter weight of the Z-Wing 150 needs extra speed to grab and hold. It should be your CHOICE FOR HIGHER SPEED applications.


Z-Wing Product Line Up


Z-Wing Downrigger Weights
3902501 Z-Wing 350B (Formerly 250) All Speed 3.75# Black 69.99

3902502 Z-Wing 350Y (Formerly 250) All Speed 3.75# Yellow 69.99

3905002 Z-Wing 150Y (Formerly 500) High Speed 1.25# Yellow 69.99

3905001 Z-Wing 150B (Formerly 500) High Speed 1.25# Black 69.99


The Z-Wing Advantage


The Z-Wing's advantage to anglers is clear! The Z-Wing takes baits down, fighting water resistance (blowback) out performing planers and downrigger balls. Heavy lead downrigger balls are a thing of the past. Another standout feature of the Z-Wing is they are easily customized... the Z-Wing's back fin can be adjusted (offset) with a little bit of heat from hot water to produce a horizontal angle in addition to the vertical downward angler. This customization will make the Z-Wing track away (towards port or starboard) from the boat. The fins can be adjusted back to straight for normal tracking. This feature is helpful when looking to broaden the trolling spread and is critical when fishing for spooky species.


Unlike any other downrigger or planer the Z-Wing's unique design creates an underwater disturbance which imitates the vibrations produced by injured or schooling baitfish. This adds to a more effective fish-attracting system.


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