Here at Fish-Heads we carry saltwater fishing reels from the top name fishing reel manufactures in a variety of price ranges and all sizes from light tackle reels to big game fishing reels. We stock fishing reels from some of the biggest name is saltwater fishing reels such as Penn Reels, Shimano, Daiwa, Van Staal and other top name brands. Browse our selection below and find great prices on Saltwater Fishing Reels, Saltwater Spinning Reels and Saltwater Conventional Reels.

Looking to buy a new fishing reel? Not all reels are created equally. First look for a solid frame which everything is built on. Then look for quality components like heavy duty gears and bearings. When shopping for a new reel it is best to know what type of line and the amount of line that is needed for the fishing application. The size reel you choose will be an easy choice one it is known. Big Game Anglers demand Penn and Shimano. Avet and Shimano makes an amazing line of lever drag fishing reels. Hardcore surf fishing anglers turn towards Van Staal and of course Penn Reels.