Snag Hooks

Snag hooks are lead weighed treble hooks that are useful to catch bait. When bait is present, cast a snag hook out into or just beyond the school. Then, retrieve until you feel a bump. Instantly with power set the hook and reel in your live bait. Snag hooks are great for inshore, offshore and from shore fishing making them a must have piece of tackle in just about any fishing environment. Available in a variety of sizes and weights to best suit a specific purpose.

Weighed Treble Snag Hooks are great for catching bunker, squid, herring, mullet and mackerel among many other baits. Snag hooks also come in handy when an item is dropped in the water (such as a rod and reel outfit). A snag hook can be used to quickly "fish out" and retrieve the object before it is lost.

As with all hooks, use with care. Also, check with local regulations. In some states the use of snag hooks redistricted.