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    To ensure the absolute best quality table fare, fish must be killed and chilled the moment they're caught. While coolers are good, soft sided insulated fish kill bags are great. Not only do they hold ice for days, they are gentile on the fish (which prevents bruising the meat) and they collapse for storage. The large flexible soft sided cooler bags eliminate the need for large coolers that clutter up the deck. It's super convenient to open up and fill with a catch. Then once back at the dock; wash out easily, dried, rolled up and store away neat and compact.

    In this category we also have mesh totes aka mesh fish bags that are popular choices to separate a day's catch. These mesh bags have a variety of uses. Use as a bait bag to store live eels or other bait fish. Use as a tote for transporting damp items. The strong mesh bags are also great for clamming. Once harvested, soak the catch in a mesh bag to purge. This ensure the cleanest shellfish when ready to eat.

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