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    Whether you are fishing in Saltwater or Freshwater, lures catch fish! With a large selction of lures & scents we have something for everyone. There lots of choices for saltwater surf, inshore and offshore anglers as well as freshwater anglers. Here's what lures, fools and catches fish.

    457 products
    Stillwater Smack-It Sr - 00007930017
    Stillwater Smack-It Sr
    Stillwater Lures
    from $20.99
    Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Grub
    from $7.99
    Stillwater Smack-It Jr - 00007950017
    Stillwater Smack-It Jr
    Stillwater Lures
    from $19.99
    Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Swimming Mullet
    from $7.99
    MagicTail Magic Squid Hoochie - 703189401261
    MagicTail Magic Squid Hoochie
    from $4.99
    Spro Prime Bucktail Jig's - 651583101921
    Spro Prime Bucktail Jigs
    from $4.49
    Tsunami Glass Minnow - 799967336030
    Tsunami Glass Minnow
    from $2.69
    Sold Out
    Diamond Jig Lures - 000056110012
    Diamond Jig Lures
    O.B. Fish Co
    from $3.49
    MagicTail Round Head Big Eye Jigheads - 703189812012
    MagicTail Round Head Big Eye Jigheads
    from $5.99
    Dynabait Freeze Dried Bloodworms - 0741271348889
    Dynabait Freeze Dried Bloodworms
    Andrus Jetty Caster Bucktail
    from $6.29
    Red Gill Original Lures - 886558000064
    Red Gill Original Lures
    Red Gill
    MagicTail Tog Jigs - 703189207528
    MagicTail Tog Jigs
    from $2.00
    Doc & Lil' Doc Topwater Lures - 404196099006
    Doc & Lil' Doc Topwater Lures
    Drifter Tackle Co.
    from $23.99
    Fin-Essence Fish Attractant Scent - 046994300184
    Fin-Essence Fish Attractant Scent
    Nomad Design Streaker Jigs - 9351482008970
    Nomad Design Streaker Jigs
    Nomad Design Lures
    from $10.99