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"The one stop headquarters for all of your saltwater fishing needs!" For over 50 years, Fisherman's Headquarters helps generations of anglers prepare and enjoy their time on the water. Fish Heads (as most call us) is the premier full service bait and tackle store serving the needs of saltwater anglers around the world with first class service, top quality fishing tackle brands and competitive prices. We are commended and recommended for excellence in experience and service by local, regional and national fishing organizations.

Fisherman’s Headquarters is a Factory Authorized Penn Reel Warranty, Service and Penn Reel Parts Center as well as a Factory Authorized Van Staal Reel Service and Warranty Center. Our professional service team is on hand ready to serve you.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Fisherman's Headquarters has you covered with quality tackle at great prices with the advice and guidance to assist before and after the sale.


About Fisherman's Headquarters:

It all started long ago... Our roots date back to the early days on Long Beach Island. In 1962 the massive "Great Storm" hammered LBI for three days. The Island was breached in many areas and the destroyer the USS Monssen was aground on the beach in Holgate. It was the most destructive storm to ever meet the mid-Atlantic states.

Shortly after the vicious storm, an avid angler Russ Walls commissioned an LBI native and neighbor Art Cox to clear the lot at the entrance to LBI just a short distance to the east of the causeway bridge. Fisherman's Headquarters was born and still stands today at the same location.

Russ Walls established a successful store that anglers loved throughout the 60's. After years of service, Walls sold the business to Vince Goddard and then over time it changed hands again. Bob Dodds ran the business for a number of years, up until the early 80's. In 1984 a passionate inshore and offshore angler Stan Cudnik bought the business. For the next thirty plus years Fisherman's Headquarters has supplied anglers across the globe top quality fishing tackle with expert knowledge.

A Bit of Fishing History From Long Beach Island:

The history of Long Beach Island (LBI) is rich in love for the water. With the Atlantic Ocean to the east side and the Barnegat Bay on the west, LBI's narrow 18 miles of sand is surrounded with beauty and great fishing.

For many years LBI has been considered the top fishing destination in New Jersey and one of the best on the eastern seaboard. It was well documented in history. In 1864, author of The American Angler's Book, Thad Norris wrote about LBI, "I consider the fishing the surest and best on the Jersey coast." In George B Somerville's 1914 publication The Lure of Long Beach the Island's fishing was detailed. "Long Beach Island is indisputably New Jersey's Mecca for fishermen and the lover of bluefish, striped bass, weakfish, croaker, will find himself on ideal fishing grounds along this section of the coast. To the angler Barnegat Bay is the fisherman's paradise."

Long Beach Island is home to two of the oldest fishing tournaments in the country. The Beach Haven Marlin Tuna Club's White Marlin Tournament is the oldest White Marlin tournament in the country, started in 1969. Started back in 1954, the Long Beach Island Surf Fishing Classic is one of the oldest surf fishing tournaments in the country. Today both tournaments are very popular and produce amazing winning catches every year.