Knives | Sheaths

When choosing a knife, it's important to pick the right blade style, length and handle. All knives aren't created equally! A good quality knife had a blade with the proper metal composition. Too soft and it will lose an edge quickly. Too hard and it will not take to a stone and sharpen/hone when needed. It's a balancing act that Dexter Knives (among few others) have perfected.

Fillet Knives' flexible tapered blades offer maneuverability and precise cutting. The right choice to follow a bone line, spine or rib cage and also when skinning a fillet. Medium length fillet knives (in the 7" range) are great multipurpose knife style.

Boning knives have stout thick blades with little to no flex for more power and control when cutting thick sections. Great for gutting, loining, staking and cutting through thick skin where a clean cut is essential.

Saw like serrated knives don't give the cleanest cut but offer the ultimate cutting power in tough bony situations. Great for collaring, tailing, finning and sectioning out large pieces of meat. The best choice when cutting frozen meat.