Solid Braided Super Line

Braided Super Line from the industry's top manufacters are the best choice when looking for super strong yet thin diameter fishing line. Braided line has very little stretch so it offers angler ultimate sensitivity and crazy hook setting power. Braid has a great strength to diameter ratio allowing anglers to scale down their reel size. Due to its thinner diameter, braid lets angler fish lighter jig than what would be necessary if fishing the same pound test monofilament line.

In the world of braided line there's lots of options. Most brands have different characteristics which can offer benefits for specific fishing applications. Certain braided line are great on a conventional but aren't so user friendly on a spinning reel. On the flip side some braided line are awesome on spinning reels but aren't worth the money for bottom fishing because casting isn't required. Some anglers demand a low visibility dark green, while others must have a high visibility white or yellow. Some love marked (graduated) braid when jigging and trolling to target a specific water depth or distance out.

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