Fishing Rod & Reel Care

Fishing Reel and Rod Care is very important especially for saltwater anglers. There's nothing worse than loading up your favorite fishing outfit and finding that something is wrong. Preventative maintenance is the key to tackle longevity. Follow these simple tips. 

Routine care of saltwater reels:
You can prolong the life of your saltwater reel by by following the 7 steps below after each fishing trip.
1. Set the drag TIGHT
2. Mist/Spray with light amount of water. *Hard driving hose can push moisture into body and bearings leading to issues.
3. Wipe with a soapy cloth or sponge
4. Rinse with a light mist of water
5. Shake off excess water
6. Let air dry
7. After drying, ALWAYS STORE REEL WITH A LOOSENED DRAG... This allows any moisture that could have getting in the drag to dry. This prevents mold. It it also allows the drag material to breath and keeps its fluff, preventing it from compressing/smoothing out 

NOTE: A light spray of WD-40 will help displace any remaining water and will help protect the reel.

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Routine care of saltwater rods:
1. Spray with lots of fresh water
2. Wipe with a soapy cloth or sponge
3. Rinse with LOTS of fresh water
4. Let air dry

ROLLER GUIDES:wash the guides with heavy stream of fresh water to keep the salt residue from building up between roller and guide frame.

NOTE: Some fishermen will go to the extra mile and wax/polish their fishing rods and reels once or twice a year. This offers the utmost protection when fishing hard during the season.