Circle Hooks

Circle hooks optimize positive corner of the mouth hook ups and prevent gut/gill hooks due to their turned in hook point design. The decreased mortality potential make circle hooks the best choice for catch and release fishing and mandatory in billfish tournaments. Circle hooks are perfect for fishing live bait, chunk bait presentation as well as trolling natural baits. Available in a variety of brands with many size and style options it's best to match the hook to the bait and the target species. Some anglers prefer the thin wire circle hooks for stealth presentation and instant hook set penetration when fishing light line and softer drag ranges. On the other hand anglers fishing powerful drag demand thick gauge extra heavy circle hooks.

Tips for fishing circle hooks: Snell or crimp tight whenever possible for a secure connection where the hook is not dangling about. When rigging/baiting, the hook should be exposed (most commonly bridled through nose). When it happens... Let the fish eat the bait. Depending on situation some drop back, free line or feed the bait. A common slogan "give it three" refers to patiently giving the fish a few seconds before slowly apply pressure. Do not strike and set the hook! Slowly and gradually increase pressure to the proper fighting drag for your tackle. This lets a circle hook work properly, finding the corner of the mouth and setting itself every time.