Treble Hooks

Treble Hooks are triple point hooks that are most commonly found on fishing lures. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes.

It is very important to match the correct treble hook with your lures. Putting the wrong hook on a lure will destroy its vital action and adjust its balance and buoyancy how a lure floats or sinks or sits in the water as well as how it casts.

Hook size is important to consider both the gap and the shank length. Too long will tend to lead to lure tangle, short shank hooks lend to sit up and not foul. It is always best to go with the biggest possible to an extent.

It is most common to put the same size hook on the belly (front) hook hanger of a lure as the back (tail).

A new trend that is becoming popular is the Inline replacement hooks. Anglers who fish primarily catch and release have switched over to these inline j-hooks as a substitue for treble hooks. You'll sacrifice the ultimate hookup potential but these hooks provide an advantage where once hooked up and set they do not come loose. Also they are easy to remove from a fish.