Crimps | Sleeves

Crimps aka Sleeves are the most dependable way to terminate monofilament leaders greater than 50 pound test. Knots work great; however, a crimped connection is superior because it is stronger and more consistent. However, this is only true when the crimping process is done correctly. Crimping is an essential skill especially for the big game angler! We are a full service tackle shop and are here to help all anglers make the strongest connection possible. If you need assistance please ask. We can match line, crimps and crimping pliers for you.

Don't make the common crimping mistakes... Always use the proper size crimp. Match the line to the crimp and the proper crimping tool. Always ensure the crimp has a flared end to prevent chaff. Know how a crimp properly sits in a crimping plier jaw before applying pressure. With cable use only brass or copper sleeves, not use aluminum! Over crimping is worse than under crimping; however, too much pressure will result in premature failure. Practice and test your connections!

Crimps are also essential when rigging cable line and cable leaders.