LBI Tide Tables

What are the tides at Long Beach Island and the surrounding waters? Download the tide chart and simply add 30 minutes to the times listed. This calculation will give you an approximate tide for the Long Beach Island Ocean Front Surf Tide.

Looking for tides elsewhere in the area? The Tide Chart Download is based off of the Sandy Hook Tide Station. So, you'll need to download, then use information from a Tidal Differences By Location list to calculate. One short one is on the right side of the chart and a more detailed list is on this page below. Choose an area closest to your fishing area. These calculations must be made to determine an accurate tide.

Please note that tides are for Tides are Predictions!  Winds/Storms are not accounted for. Due to numerous influential factors, tidal current direction changes as well as high and low time predictions can be very different.


The 2019 Tide Chart Will Be Posted Here Once Available.


Click Here for 2018 Tide Tables



Looking for an LBI Tide Chart? Stop by Fisherman's Headquarters and pick one up. We have this tide chart printed and available at the shop for free.

This chart is used to determine the proper tide differences for a specific location based off of the Sandy Hook Tide Station. With the difference, the calculation can then be made to find the locations tide.