BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit

Breakaway SKU: IMP-X-10
BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit - 70996919114
BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit - 70996919114
BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit
BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit
BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit

BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit

Breakaway SKU: IMP-X-10
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BreakAway IMP Impact Release Kit

The IMP Design
The complete IMP System consists of a Fast-Link clip along with an IMP triggering impact bait clip. The IMP bait clip fits into the supplied Fast-Link and can be added or removed as needed. The IMP System is intended to be easy to use with almost fool-proof hook release. However there are restrictions to its performance.

The IMP is a clever little devil, and that's just what it is. Since its introduction the IMP has found fame in various parts of the world. The idea of the IMP is to temporarily join the baited hook to the sinker while casting. This stops that helicopter action during the cast when a sinker is separated from hooked bait and they fly at different vectors thus reducing overall casting distance. Joining the two makes a baited hook and sinker package that is streamlined. A mass with similar vector will increase casting distance. When hitting the water, the impact of the water on the bottom part of the IMP Bait Clip pushes it back, releasing the hook and bait. All IMP packs have IMP Clips and Fast Links. The IMP can be used with any type of sinker. The instructions that are included on the back of package are concise on how to attach the IMP clip onto the Fast Link. The graphic also shows a hook leader made as a "Trapped Swivel Rig" which is the proper application for using an IMP. The force of cast goes down the main line to the sinker while only minimal force is applied by the baited hook onto the IMP.

Using an IMP gets away from even more critical rigging required for the IS1 Impact Shield. When using big baits, attach the hook to the leader with a large loop, then, this loop, instead of the baited hook, is attached to the bait clip. There are times that require not using the IMP and choosing the IS1 instead.

IMP1 vs IMP2

  • IMP-O is the IMP Original (Short Stem) aka IMP1
  • IMP-X is the IMP Extreme (Long Stem) aka IMP2

The IMP plastic clip itself is the same in both the IMP1 and IMP2 designs. The wire material used to fabricate the Fast Link clip for both the IMP1 and IMP2 designs are made from the same grade wire and is hardened by heat treatment to the same tensile strength whether it is the Standard Original Fast Link supplied with the IMP1 or the Extreme Fast Link with a slightly longer stem supplied with the IMP2.

A straight pull of 60-lbs should not permanently deforming either of the IMP Clips but the clip can start to deflect at about 25-lbs of force but then will return to its normal conformity. Too much force on the plastic IMP Clip can force it to "pop-out" of the Fast Link wire. Thus the IMP2 which is the Extreme IMP-X has a long stem length to minimize "pop-out".

WARNING - Assembly is required for both the IMP1 and IMP2 which some anglers find difficult to do! The IMP2 which is the Extreme IMP-X is the harder to assemble!


  • Using an IMP keeps the mass of sinker and bait close
  • IMP plastic clip is the same in IMP1 and IMP2
  • IMP1 comes with classic Standard Length Fast Link
  • IMP2 comes with Longer Length Fast Link
  • IMP improves casting distance
  • Each IMP Plastic Bait Clip comes with a separate Fast Link Metal Clip
  • Assembly and rigging is required (This can be a difficult process requiring effort to assemble!)
  • Designed for use in "Trapped Swivel Rig" style designs
  • Force applied to IMP is limited


1.) There should be no problem using an IMP in a normal type "Trapped Swivel Rig" with sinkers up to 3-ounces since the amount of pressure placed on the IMP is very small. The amount of pressure placed on the IMP must be typically very limited. The IMP may not be suitable for use in a Pulley rig tied where there is equal pressure on lead and hook or any rig where there is high force on the baited hook and IMP connection. Anglers fishing such heavy rigs require a much stronger bait release clip and should consider using the classic BreakAway Impact Shield IS1. The IMP does have its limitations. The decision is yours to make.
2.) The IMP will work better with lighter hook leader material since they provide more stretch. The force applied on the IMP mechanism must be limited. Problems will occur when the direct force of a cast is applied totally onto the IMP mechanism.
3.) The longer stem design of the Fast Link for the IMP2 Extreme IMP-X is intended to keep the assembly together at higher loading than the standard stem length of the IMP1 Original IMP-O.
4.) Even a "Trapped Swivel Rig" setup with sinkers over 3-ounces and/or using aggressive casting styles may cause an IMP to fail. Angler's choosing to use any IMP must do so knowing that there are limits to what the IMP's can achieve!


You Tube video link showing casting that utilizes an IMP in a "Trapped Swivel Rig"

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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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