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Home Port Charts - 648175330036
Home Port Charts - 648175330036
Home Port Charts - 648175330036
Home Port Charts - 648175330036
Home Port Charts - 648175330036
Home Port Charts - 648175330036
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Home Port Charts
Home Port Charts
Home Port Charts
Home Port Charts
Home Port Charts
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Home Port Charts SKU: HP-10
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Home Port Nautical Charts

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#3 - GPS ALL Canyons Chart
Montauk Point, NY to Oregon Inlet, NC

Shows: Montauk Point, Shinnecock, Fire Island, Sandy Hook, Shark River Inlet, Manasquan Inlet, Barnegat Inlet, Absecon Inlet, Cape May Inlet, Ocean City, MD Inlet, Wachaprague, Rudee Inlet, to Oregon Inlet

CANYONS: Chicken Canyon, Hudson Canyon, Toms, Mey, Hendrickson, Lindenkohl, Carterett, Berkeley, Spencer, Wilmington, Baltimore, North Vries, South Vries, North Heyes, South Heyes, Poorman's, South Poorman's Washington, and the Norfolk Canyon

Fishing Grounds: Mud Hole, Monster Ledge, Mako Hotel, The Point, No Name Shoal, 42 Fathom Basin, The Tongue, The Flats, Babylon Valley, Emery Canyon, Uchupl Canyon, West Twin Dipper Canyon, Letters South, Letters North,1000 Fathom Tip, Jones Valley, Hudson Seamount, Mey Canyon, Hendrickson Canyon, The Funnel, Doc Strobel, Toilet Seat, Alligator Bight, North Vries and South Vries Canyons, Triple 0, 461, 471 Hump, Rock Pile, Lobster Pots,Tarheel Mountain, Northeast Grounds, and more.

* Laminated - Waterproof
* Color coded depth and contour curve lines
* LAT/LON coordinated for every inlet
* 84+ Wrecks and Reefs with GPS coordinates
* Depths in Fathoms


Awesome Bottom Structure

Shows Sandy Hook , Shark River, Manasquan, Barnegat, Beach Haven, Atlantic City, Ocean City Out 50 plus Miles

* Laminated- Waterproof
* 10 mile radius lines from each inlet
* Color coded depth and contour curve lines showing Holes, Shoals, Lumps, and Bumps

FISHING GROUNDS with DGPS LAT/LON Coordinates; Mud Hole, The Glory Hole, Chicken Canyon, Cholera Bank, Anglers Bank, Acid Waters, Shrewsbury Rocks, The Farms, Tarpon Lump, England Bank, Augie's Lump, Klondike Bank, Monster Ledge, Humpty Dumpty, Little Italy, Shark Ledge, Triple Wrecks, East Lump, Seaside Lump, Tolton Lump, Oleys Lump, ESS Ledge, North Hole, Dusky Hole, East Barnegat Ridge, The Star, Harvey Cedars Lump, Red Tower Lump, Hambone, Dog Lump, A.C. Ridge, Fingers, Table Top, Avalon Shoal, Margarita Lump, Sea Isle Ridge, The Cigar, Jim's Hole, 750 Square, Lemke's Canyon, Sea Isle Lump, Cuma Lumps, and many more.

DGPS NUMBERS FOR WRECKS: Lido, Navy Barge, Ocean Prince, Wolcott, Oregon, Bonanza, San Diego, Hilton Castle, Reggie, Light Ship Wreck, Linda, 3 Sisters, Bald Eagle, Eurreka, Happy Days, USS Tarantula, Goulandris II, Bendix, Gloria and Doris, Florence, Burnside, Brencen, Arundo II, Ednas Bottom, USCG Catamount, Somerstod, Anastasia, Cow Wreck, Maurice Tracy, Truro, Vixen, Hargraves, Tolten, Sea Hag, Resor, West Wreck, Lexington, Bidevind, Texas Tower, Chesapeake, San Saba, Brick Wreck, Huntington, Great Isaac, Spanish, Reliance, H. Ruse, Oklahoma, Skukas, Crystal Gayle, Gloria, Moran, Almirante, Astra, Teaser, Burrows, Oil Wreck, $25 Wreck, Blackie, San Hose, Cayru, Salem, Mud Wreck, Martino, New Rhodes, 28 Mile Wreck, Capt Walt. Hendee, Bass Barn, EB Cole, Kahuka, and many, many more.

#7 Manasquan, Barnegat, Beach Haven, Absecon to Corsons Inlet

Near shore - out 15 plus miles

Shows Artificial Reefs:
Sea Girt, Shark River, Axel Carlson, Barnegat Light Reef, Garden State North, Garden State South, Little Egg, Great Egg Reef, Atlantic City Reef, Townsends Inlet Reef.

* 3 nautical mile line shown
* 5 mile radius lines from each inlet shown
* laminated - waterproof
* Bottom structure shown: holes, peaks, shoals
* color coded depth & contour curve lines

Fishing Grounds Shown:
Klondike Bank, Humpty Dumpty, Little Italy, Manasquan Ridge, "EN" Rocks, Tolton Lump, ESS Ledge, Oley's Lump, North Barnegat Ridge, West Hole, South Barnegat Ridge, Harvey Cedars Lump, Atomic Lump, Brigantine Shoal, Lobster Hole, Cuma Lumps, Coral Bottom, Stone Beds, Table Top, Sea Isle Lump, Dog Lump, Hambone, Triple Lumps, AC Lobster Pots

Wrecks with DGPS Co-ordinates:
Blue Dog II, Blue Dog I, Mildred, Cadette, Mahogany, Logwood, Sea Girt Wreck, Dave Moran, Mohawk, Coffee, Shopping Cart, Queen, Lana Carol, Sovereign, Duncan, Emerald City, Anastasia, Tolton, Truro, Maurice Tracy, Gov Mansion, Hankins, Gulf Trade (stern), Vixen, Hargraves, Spanish, Hammies, Gulf Trade (bow), Chesapeake, Reliance, San Saba, Great Isaac, YO 153, Brick Wreck, Magnus, Summer, Good Ship Lollipop, Crystal Gayle, Russell, Wellington, S. Cotles, Glory Wreck, Hornet, Moran, Almirante, Astra, SE Wreck, Pet Wreck, Old Mud Digger, Florida, Oil Wreck, Clam Boat, Swanaka, San Jose, Blackie, $25 Wreck, The Libra, Salem, Bay Jack, Martino, and more.

#10 "TUNA CHART' Barnegat, NJ to Ocean City, MD

Awesome Bottom Structure - Holes-Shoals-Lumps-Bumps

Shows: Barnegat Inlet, Little Egg Inlet, Absecon Inlet, Great Egg Inlet, Cape May Inlet, Indian River DE Inlet and Ocean City MD inlet

* 10 Mile radius lines from each inlet
* Out 50 Miles
* Laminated - waterproof
* Color coded depth and contour curve lines
* 89 + Wrecks and Reefs like: Anastasia, Cow Wreck, Tolton, Maurice Tracy, Bone Wreck, Vixen, Hargraves, Resor, Sumner, Gulf Trade, Chesapeake, San Saba, Choctaw, Spanish Wreck, Blackie Wreck, Salem, Evelyn K, Varanger, Capt. Walt Hendee, Champion, Ammo Wreck, Misty Blue, Jacob Jones, Bimbo, Manhattan, TJ Hooper, USS Nina, Miss Arlene, Muff Diver, USS Blenny, St Augustine, and many more.

*Fishing Grounds with DGPS LAT/LON Coordinates: The Slough, The Ledges, Tolton Lump, Barnegat East Ridge, Dusky Hole, ESS Ridge, Table Top, Barnegat Ridge, 45 Square, Triple Lumps, Stone Beds, Sea Isle Lump, Avalon Shoal, Cuma Lumps, The Fingers, Brigantine Shoal, Margarita Lump, Sea Isle Ridge, Jim's Hole, Bent Chunk, NE Lump, Middle Lump, The Pimple, The Cigar, East Lump, The Triple Wrecks, The Elephant Trunk, North Dump Site, 19 Fathom Lump, South Dumpsite, Massey's Canyon, The Tea Cup, The Chicken Bone, Hambone, South Paw, 20 Fathom Fingers, The Hotdog, Hot Dog Bun, Sausages, Jack's Spot, Notch of the Dog

Including the ENTIRE Mullica River out to Sweetwater

Great for Kayaking!

Shows: Barnegat, Beach Haven, Little Egg, Brigantine, Absecon, and
Great Egg Inlets

Fishing Spots: Myer's Hole, Oyster Creek Channel, Double Creek Channel, Long Point, Mud Cove, Drum Point, Neuman's Thoro, Shooting Thoro, Weakfish Thoro, Sloop Thoro, Broad Thoro, Rainbow Channel, and many more

*Corrected ICW Channels shown in yellow
*Holes and Fishing Grounds shown throughout Back Bays
*Color coded depth and contour curve lines
*All lighted markers, buoys, and daymarkers are shown
*Bridges with their vertical clearances at mean low water
*All shore points and towns named
*Boat ramps and Marinas shown

Hudson Canyon to the South Poorman's


Shows distances from each inlet to the Canyons!

*30 Fathom Curve east past 1000 Fathoms
*Shows: The Glory Hole, Hudson, Tom's, Berkely, Carteret, Lindenkohl, Spencer, Wilmington, Baltimore, Poormans and the South Poormans Canyons and 500 Fathom Lumps outside Washington Canyon
*Color coded depth and contour curve lines
*Peaks and Canyons shown with GPS LAT/LON coordinates

*Fishing Grounds Shown: The Glory Hole, No Name Shoal, 42 Fathom Basin, The Point, The Flats, The Tongue, 200/100, The Bombs,Chicken Canyon, Jones Valley, Babylon Valley, The Letters, The Rabbit Ears, The Funnel, The Lobster Claw, The Elephant Trunk, The 500 Square, The West Notch, The 500 Fathom Lumps and many more.

Wrecks Shown with with GPS LAT/LON coordinates: Bacardi, Texas Tower, Olinda, Bidevind, Lexington, West Wreck, Larson, Huntington, Herb Parker, Haskell, U-869 Sub, Isabel Wiley, EH Cole, Carolina, Texel, Winneconne, USS Murphy, Rio Tercero, Sea Skip, Miss Arlene, India Arrow, and many more.

*Depths in Fathoms


*All GPS
*Shows Artificial Reefs and Botton Structure
*Out 15 plus miles
*Color coded depth and contour curve lines
*All depths in feet
*5 mile radius lines from each inlet

Artificial Reefs Shown with DGPS Coordinates: Sea Girt Reef, Axel Carlson Reef, Shark River Reef, Barnegat Light Reef, Garden State North Reef

Fishing Grounds: Shrewsbury Rocks, Mud Hole, Tarpon Lumps, The Farms, England Bank, Angie's Lump, Klondike Banks, Manasquan Ridge, Humpty Dumpty, Little Italy, The Slough, Shark Ledge, Sea Isle Lump, Tolton Hole, Tolton Lump, Olies Lump, 59 ft Lump, Olies Hole, Harvey Cedars Lump, Harvey Cedars Hole, and many more

#19 BACK BAY TicesShoal, BarnegatBay-Little

#21 GREAT BAY CHART Beach Haven-Atlantic City


Great for Kayakers!

Shows: Manasquan Inlet to Metedeconk River with an enlargement of Bay Head Harbor, then on the ICW, from Mantoloking past Kettle Creek and Silver Bay, Tom's River, and Cedar Creek to Tices Shoal, then past Forked River, Oyster Creek Channel, Double Creek Channel to Manahawkin Bay to Little Egg Harbor

*Unmarked channel north of Myers Hole from Barnegat Inlet to Double Creek Channel highlighted
*Clearly marked buoys, daymarkers lighted markers shown
*Fish speices to target in their habitats are shown
*Holes and Peaks are clearly marked
*Bridges with their Vertical clearances shown
*Marina and boat ramps shown
*Color coded depth and contour curve lines
*Crabbin' Spots!

Joins Charts #6 Mud Hole Chart-Sandy Hook to Ocean City NJ
#7 Manasquan to Great Egg Inlet out 20 miles
#10 Tuna Chart-Barnegat to Ocean City MD
#11 ICW Barnegat-Beach Haven-Atlantic City- Ocean City &
Mullica River
#16 Inshore Shark River-Manasquan-Barnegat Inlets

#34 Shrewsbury-Navesink-Metedeconk-Shark-Manasquan Rivers

Enlarged Rivers

ALL GPS Great for Kayakers!

Shows: Sandy Hook Bay, Sandy Hook Channel, Navesink River, Shrewsbury River, to Little Silver Creek, Town Neck Creek, Parkers Creek, Horseneck Point, and Oceanport Creek, out to Troutsmans Creek, enlargement of Shark River Inlet to Shark River through Belmar, to New Bedford and Manasquan Inlet (enlarged) to Pt. Pleasant to Brielle, to the Pt. Pleasant Canal and the Metedeconk River from Mantoloking to Bricktown, to Metedeconk

*Holes and humps shown
*Markers and buoys highlighted
*Boat Ramps shown
*Clearly marked anchorages shown
*Color coded depth and contour curve lines
*Artificial Reefs show: Sandy Hook Reef-Sea Girt Reef-Mantoloking Reef


Changed and Additional Buoys Added to Ambrose Channel and Ocean Front


One Chart shows all Raritan Bay fishing grounds, channels and buoys, with on site GPS coordinates and all the Atlantic Ocean fishing grounds showing awesome bottom structure with the Mud Hole out to 20 miles.

Fishing Grounds on the Raritan Bay Side: Great for Kayaking! Gong Grounds, Tin Can Grounds, 14 ft Channel, Fluke Superhighway, Borrow Holes, West Bank, Miller's Field, Staten Island Flats, High Grounds, Romer Shoal, Flynn's Knoll, Great Kills Flats, Alandale Grounds, Dental Works, Red Bank, Point Comfprt Shoal, Great Bed Reach, Keyport Flats, Keansburg Channel, Monument Grounds, Spermaceti Cove, and many more.

Fishing Grounds on the Ocean Side: Scallop Ridge, Clam Beds, Chicken Canyon, Shrewsbury Rocks, Acid Waters, The Farms, Tarpon Lump, England Bank, Annex, Augies Lump, Klondike Bank, Manasquan Ridge, East Lump, Shark Ledge, Humpty Dumpty, "EN" Rocks, and many more.

Artificial Reefs shown: Sandy Hook Reef-Sea Girt Reef-Axel Carlson Reef

Wreck with DGPS coordinates: Joe's Wreck, Duke, Lido, Rum Runner, USS Turner, Sandy Hook Wreck, Mohawk, Bald Eagle, 3 Sisters, Mud Hole Wreck, Goulandris, Dry Dock, Blue Boy II, Geralda, Logwood, Hankins, Maine, Glory, Caddette, Arundo II, Immaculata (Irma), and many more.

*Color coded depth and Contour Curve lines
*Lighted, unlighted buoys and range markers are shown
*LAT/LON for buoys and lights noted
*Boat Ramps
*All depths in feet

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